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Thoughts and prayers please - my husband got fired!

My husband got fired last Thursday. He is a great worker but new managment came in and they didn't get along well and she was trying to run him out. He had been with the company 10 years and she barely got there 4 months ago. It is frustrating.. well anyway, I am hoping he finds something soon. He is kind of relieved because he has an opportunity to look for something new in a new field, since he is almost done with his school in June studying networking.

Re: Thoughts and prayers please - my husband got fired!

  • I'm so sorry.  The same thing happened to us last October - my FI (then boyfriend) got let go the week of his birthday.  We went thru hell and back with his company trying to deny unemployment, etc. but it all worked out for the best - he got his "dream" position at a newer company.  It's still stressful but a different kind of stress, where he is not hassled day in and day out by a poop-head manager.

     What field is he looking in?  Maybe we can be of help!

  • He is looking into Facilities or networking. He was a facilities coordinator previously but is going to school for networking and is interested in an entry level job in that area.


  • Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!!
  • I got fired about two years ago and it was very difficult for me. My wife was very suportive and encouraged me. It was a chance to find an even better position than I had. With the economy the way it is I would look at a government job. I believe the website is OPM.GOV. There are alot of great jobs there. God has a plan for you and your family!


  • That is always difficult!!! At least he is being optimistic about the chance to start off in his new field that he went to school for.

     Good luck!

  • Completely sucks, and I'm sorry, but I also believe in blessings in disguise, so whenever God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.  Collect unemployment while focusing on school and searching for a job in his new field.  Something even better will come along - I'll pray for it.  Good Luck!
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