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Craig Ranch OBGYN

Has anyone used this place? I'm thinking of switching to a doctor there. I have always seen the same OBGYN in Garland I saw when my mom first took me, but now that I'm "all grown up" and living in Plano, I realized that maybe I should go ahead and find one near me. This place in Allen. No too far from the house. Any one?





Re: Craig Ranch OBGYN

  • I used them for DD#1 and switched for DD#2.  I was not happy with the group practice setup where you have to rotate doctors each appointment with pg and also rotated doctors each day you were in the hospital.  I always felt passed around and never like I had one doctor.  Also hated that the snippy nurse called me back each time I called the doctor with a question - and I rarely called.  I felt like I was never able to talk to a doctor, only a nurse that handled ALL the patients questions from all 4 doctors so she had no clue who I was either.  They may have changed their ways - this was 3 years ago.  I was much happier with the doctor I switched to in Plano.  If you are not planning on having children, then Craig Ranch would be great for GYN doctors - you would get to see just one doctor then. 

  • I am using them right now (specifically Dr. Robert) and I really like them. I've never felt "passed around" and they always take the time to answer any questions i have. Keep in mind that when you go into labor, your doctor might not be available so you might have another doctor deliver your baby. Personally, I would rather have that other doctor be someone I am somewhat familiar with than a complete stranger, so I like occasionally seeing the other two doctors in the practice. I give them two thumbs up, but I haven't actually delivered yet. Good luck!
  • Maybe they changed - when I was there, they specifically made you go to the next doctor in a rotating schedule each visit.  Like I would see Dr. Shimer and when they filled out the sheet for my next visit they would check a box that said my next appointment was with Dr. Robert....then the next with Dr. Joyner, etc.  So I literally did not see Dr. Tricia Shimer two times in a row (she was my fav but is no longer there).  Then I was admitted to the hospital on Monday, had a c-section Tuesday night and was in the hospital until Friday night.  I had a different doctor check on me every day - Dr. Joyner Monday, Dr. Tricia Shimer Tuesday, Dr. Andy Wednesday and Dr. Robert Thursday and Friday just because she was on call that weekend so it worked out that way.  The practice I had DD#2 with was a group also and you got who you got if your doctor was not on call when you went into labor, but we could see the other doctors if we wanted to throughout the pregnancy.  Plus I was in the hospital again Monday - Friday and I saw my doctor each day except the day she was off and the on-call doctor checked on me.  Hopefully this clarifies the passed around feeling. 
  • It's actually in McKinney.  I also use Dr. Robert.  I think the practice is okay.  I do not care for the nurse practitioner, I don't recall her name.  She was late for my 8:00 appt, never apologized, and spent literally less than two minutes with me.  I haven't had a problem with Dr. Robert, though.

    wedonabudget, you have PM

  • I have been going there for about 6 years now. I was there during my pregnancy/birth of my son (4 years ago). Overall, I like it. I have been okay with all the doctors. Most of the NPs I have dealt with are okay, but I remember an OB nurse not being my favorite person. I can't remember her name, though. Anyway, overall, I've been pleased with the practice.
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