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Need Opinions Re: FIL staying with us for 2 days

This weekend my FIL is coming down to see H accept an award and he's taking us out to dinner the following night, so he'll be in town all weekend starting Friday.

Some of you have been to our condo; it's really not big at all...especially when there will be 3 people living there.  H's dad has stayed with us before, but just for a night and he left the next morning or afternoon.  He's staying with us Friday night, hanging out at the house all day Saturday, going to dinner with us and then staying over and then leaving sometime Sunday. 

Is it crazy for me to think he's being a little inconsiderate for just assuming he's staying with us and that it's ok?  I mean, I have things to do this weekend that don't involve babysitting him.

Re: Need Opinions Re: FIL staying with us for 2 days

  • I hate the Nest and it's eating posts ways. Grrrr.

    As I was saying, though you dont' know it...

    Assuming family would stay anywhere but with us would be the crazy thought in our house. That said, if it's your H's dad and he is coming in to see an accomplishment of your H's, then it's up to your H to make any necessary plans for his dad.

    We host the ILs from MD on a regular basis and it's rarely for less than a full weekend. But everyone knows the deal and no one needs entertainment. It's about spending time together, even if that means throwing on a movie, making food and just hanging out.

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  • Ditto what Kat said.

    If my parents or sisters come into town it is just assumed that they will stay with us.  In fact if they didn't I would be a tad insulted.  We never have to entertain them though.  We just go about our normal schedules only a couple more people usually join us for dinner.

    Also if Bart's brother comes into town and ends up staying later then he planned he stays with us as well.

  • Do you not get along with your FIL? I only ask because I can't imagine having my FIL come into town and stay in a hotel. I mean, it's 2 days -- not 2 weeks.

    If you guys have some kind of issues, then I can understand it, but if you get along then I don't see the big deal.

    If the situation were reversed, would you make your dad or mom stay somewhere else when they were coming to town specifically to celebrate something with you?

  • Maybe I should have explained a little better.  I do get along with my FIL, it's just that we have so much going on right now that the weekends are the only time when H and I can really spend time together.  We're trying to sell our place and we could get a showing at any minute (we just got one for today and the realtor called at 9pm last night).

    I'm in school, H is in school and the weekend is usually our time to unwind.  I'm just super stressed out and having a guest all weekend isn't going to help that.  Plus, I have a massive presentation in DC next week and I was planning on doing prep for that all weekend as well as working on homework, a project I have due and a paper for a conference. Ugh...this was really just more of a vent.  If our place was bigger, I don't think I'd mind that much because I'd have somewhere else in the house to go, but he's going to be staying in our office/guest room.

    We can't ask him to stay in a hotel now.  I think it's a little late for that because H told him it was fine.  STRESS IS EATING ME ALIVE!  lol

  • That's all totally understandable and sucks. I'd just remind H that you will need to relax a little this weekend.

    Can you escape to the library or your parents' house for a couple hours if you need to?

    I'd also block off that weekend for no showings as much as that sucks. Another friend of ours has a 24-hr notice requirement for all showings. While you can't always stick to it if you think there is a potential sale, I think it helps reduce the stress by a teensy bit.

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  • Your FIL will understand if you need some alone time.  He probably won't expect or want you to entertain him.  Just try to remember that he is there to celebrate you H's award.

  • I agree with Kat - maybe escape to the library or a Starbucks to get some time to work. It's supposed to be gorgeous out - you could even go sit outside somewhere.

    I always get stressed when guests come to stay. We usually only have them for 1 night, but I feel like I'm always cleaning up and entertaining. I could not wait for my inlaws to leave on Sunday!

  • He most likely assumed he was staying with you since he had before. Can H take him to do something during the day saturday. It is supposed to be beutiful out golfing, ac etc. That would give you time to get done what you need to. It also seems like he will be leaving first thing Sunday morning so at least you will have that day with H.


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  • It's going to be so hard to stay indoors this weekend if it's going to be as nice as it seems.  I'm going to try to make the best of it and get done what I can on Friday in anticipation of not getting much done the rest of the weekend.

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