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Do you always finish books?

So I didn't listen to all of you who said Almost Moon wasn't that great. I started it and you're right.... don't care for it. But, I feel the need to finish it so I know how it ends.

Do you always finish books to find out what happens or do you just stop reading if it isn't working for you?

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Re: Do you always finish books?

  • I really, really hate to give up on a book, so it has to be AWFUL for me to give up.  But I will tell you that I read all of The Almost Moon and it stunk--wish I had broken my own rule and given up on it!
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  • i've stopped reading several book because it wasn't grabbing me. I tried to read a Sylvia Brown book, and i just couldn't get into her far fetched ideas. Another was, Saving Fish from Drowning, it was soooo friggin boring, i stopped 1/2 way through, I really tried with that one..and believe it or not, i even gave up on Harry Potter's first book. just too far fetched and fairy tale for what I like to read.
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  • I try to...that said, I picked up and put down a very predictable romance (wanted something light) this weekend. 
  • I stop. There are too many good books out there to force myself through something I'm not enjoying.
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  • I gave up on Twilight. 
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  • I usually do. I'm a pretty quick reader, so even if there is something I'm not loving, I'll usually plow through because I'll be done soon.

    If it's really terrible, though, I just give it up.

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  • I don't always finish books.  If it becomes a chore to read it, I am DONE with it.  I read stictly for pleasure and there are too many good books to waste your time with ones you don't enjoy.
  • I try not to give up on books, but if one is really dragging out for me, I will.  It just irritates me to no end to start a book and then not like it enough to finish it.  Just seems "wrong" to me! :)
  • A book really has to suck a$$ for me not to finish it.  As bad as a story can be- I still need to know what is going to happen.  There have been a few I had to put down cause I just couldn't do it!

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  • I really don't like to stop reading books, but sometimes it is necessary (IMO).  Usually I will post about the book here and ask if it is worth finishing.  Some (like The Host) do get better in the second half.  But, if the concensus is that it doesn't get any better, I will stop reading it.

    And I also have a few books that I started reading and intend to finish, but I just couldn't get into them at the time.  Who knows if I'll ever get around to finishing them, but I keep them just in case!

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  • A book has to be really slow and boring, or just really horrible for me to stop reading in the middle.  I even made it through what I can only call the world's most implausible more horribly written piece of crap ever - Dust by Charles Pellegrino.

    It's sacrilegious to say this to fantasy fans but I just flat out can't make it through The Lord of the Rings. I finished the first book, and part of the second, but it drags so much that when it came to the point where I was more interested in doing *anything* else but read about some tree creature thing walking slowly through the forest that I finally just gave up.  I also can't get through Contact by Carl Sagan, and I've tried several times.  I really like the movie, but about halfway into the book I get so bored I can't keep reading.

  • I so hate to quit a book. But Stephen King's Duma Key...Read 150 pages and that was months ago. I just couldn't go on. I love old school King, but I don't care for his new stuff with the wacky dialogue.
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  • I've decided that life's too short and there are too many other good books out there, so if one just really isn't doing it for me I let it go.
  • It has to be REALLY bad for me not to finish a book. ?I'm the type that I always have hope that a book will get better. ?Even if there are only 12 chapters and I'm on chapter 11, I still have hope that the last chapter will have a twist in it that will make reading the book worthwhile. ?
  • imagem.allen:
    It has to be REALLY bad for me not to finish a book.  I'm the type that I always have hope that a book will get better.  Even if there are only 12 chapters and I'm on chapter 11, I still have hope that the last chapter will have a twist in it that will make reading the book worthwhile.

    Me too!  I always feel obligated to keep reading.  Lately I have been trying to remind myself that I do have the option to just stop.  Like a pp said, there are too many great books out there to waste my time on a lousy one.

  • I was just telling DH last night the I have not finished the last 4 books I have picked up

    -Jane Eyre


    -Key of Valor (or something)

    -Cold Day in July

    I'm finally re-reading an old favorite so I know it's a sure thing.

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  • I've only ever stopped reading 4 books becuase they were just not interesting at all. There are so many books I want to read. I normally read reviews or go off what others reccommend.
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