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Another Saw movie - Saw V?

I saw all the others.  They were nightmare inducing but I was intrigued.  I thought we found out who Saw was really in Saw IV??  Now who's the sadomasocistic murderer?

Re: Another Saw movie - Saw V?

  • omgsh! i'm so excite.
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  • I loved the first two but, sadly, the love has faded for the the last three.?
  • i heard they are supposed to make 7...apparently its what they signed for or something..

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  • I will watch as many as they churn out.
  • Apparently I have turned into a weenie in my old age ... I have not been able to make it through any of them.  I stopped trying.  But I do love "The Hills Have Eyes" flicks, those are top notch!!!
  • We do know who saw is but he was dead in the fourth one.  One of the people that he tortured started torturing people.  So I would say that Saw is someone who has been in the previous movies.  Plus at the end of the fourth one the cop was still trapped in the house.  We need to find out what happens to him.
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