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My parents are both moderate democrats.  They live in Massachusetts, so it's really no surprise, but they are in the rural, more conservative part of the state.

They were big HRC fans during the primaries and very lukewarm about Obama.  I think it was in large part because HRC is a little more moderate, and because she's a known quantity.  The "change" theme was just a little too much for them. 

Despite loving McCain in 2000, they were going to vote Obama in November, but they certainly weren't excited about it.

I just talked to my dad.  He fell head over heels in love with Obama in the debate on Friday.  He was SO EXCITED.  He just kept gushing about how presidential he looked and how smart he was, how he thinks he's finally going to be Obama to end the war, and how he thinks Obama will be so great for the middle class. 

I have never heard my dad so excited.  It was really cute.  And I think it's probably an interesting gage on how a good chunk of the electorate might be moving.  I don't think it mattered what Obama said on Friday night, but rather, that suddenly for the first time, people saw him as a president. 

Woohoo!  Go dems!  I think I'm going to go give $15 to the campaign right now so I can get a lawn sign. Smile

Re: dad on the election (a Democrat lovefest)

  • woo-hoo!
    The Girl is 5. The Boy is 2. The Dog is 1.

    image image

    I am the 99%.
  • Oh, that's so good to hear!

    I was talking to the one undecided person I know the other day and she said that Palin pushed her over to Obama/Biden. More good news!

  • If it helps your theory on how the electorate is moving, I went canvassing in several different neighborhoods in Las Vegas last weekend, and they varied significantly by race, economic class, etc.  Despite this variation, almost everyone I spoke to was pretty positive about Obama, even those that were still undecided.   I mean, hispanic, elderly, black, white, male, female whatever.  It was totally different from my experience in 2004 when canvassing for Kerry.  
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