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? about increasing my run distance

Hi girls - I recently completed the C25K and did my first 5k earlier this month.  I read somewhere that you should only increase your run distance/time by 10% a week to avoid injury and fatigue.  I'm  currently running 3.6 miles during my run.  When you increase should u increase each run or only start out doing 1 a week?  Sorry if this is confusing.  TIA Kel

Re: ? about increasing my run distance

  • The 10% rule of thumb applies to your total weekly mileage.

    E.g., if you ran 20 miles total last week, don't do more than 22 miles total the following week.

  • If you increase each run about 10% then that equates to only a 10% increase in that week. So I have done it both ways before. I have increased each run by 10% and I have also only increased one run by 10% of my weekly mileage (not my daily mileage.)  I think that you could do it either way.

  • Personally, I feel better when I increase only one of my runs per week as opposed to increasing all of my runs by a little bit...that gives your body a better rest period in between your newly lengthened runs.  This lets you build toward having one particularly long run per week with the others being shorter, a pretty common training schedule.

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