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BRAT diet

Help me. So I get it Bananas, Rice, Applesauce & Toast. I posted on the baby board but only got a few suggestions. One girl mentioned soup broth. Does this mean I can have miso soup w/white rice? The huge downfall for me, I hate bananas. :( Then to top it off you're suppose to eat applesauce with no sugar . :(

Re: BRAT diet

  • I've never heard of this diet so I don't have any suggestions, but I wouldn't eat miso soup if I were you. Miso soup is loaded with sodium which will swell you up and dry you out.
  • Miso soup is a no no for this. The soy could make it worse for you.
  • Why the brat diet? That's usually what we put patients on who have diarrhea.

    Anyway, the diet is restrictive because it helps the bowel rest. Adding other things, like Miso soup, is counter productive.


  • Ah, OK so I read below about not feeling well.

    First, water is good, but there is a thing as too much water. You could be washing away all your electrolytes and that would make you feel like crap. I don't know how much you are drinking but it's something to think about.

    Second, why the brat diet if your feeling run down? Did the nurse say? I can see why the Bananas (sorry you don't like) they have lots of potassium which can help if your feeling run down. But I don't get why they think the rest will help unless you have diarrhea and are leaving that part out.

    I'm just a nurse and I don't know your particulars but to me (and again I'm nobody) it sounds like you need to drink OJ or Gatorade. Something to boost your electrolytes.

    Maybe you should just get in to see your Dr.Hmmmm?

  • OK, now I re-read what you wrote and it kinda really sounds like and electrolyte imbalance. I could be way off but....

    Why don't you make a Dr's apt. and get checked out. You shouldn't risk it with the baby. It's better to go in an have nothing wrong than to have something wrong and not go in.

    and IF (seriously I could be way off here) but if it is an electrolyte imbalance (which isn't a big deal) and you treat it buy drinking more water and restricting your electrolytes your only gonna feel worse and it could become a problem.

    OK off my high horse now and like I said I could totally be wrong I just think you should see a DR and not let the nurse over the phone, or the nurse on the Internet (that would be me :) ), diagnose you.

  • *looks up at Amy on high horse* Can you hear me?
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