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What is going on Downtown?!

Ack, I'm in the Columbia Tower and there was a bank robbery this morning 2 blocks away, a bomb threat, they shut down traffic, and now the 2 buildings (both government buildings) next to us are evacuating and there are more fire trucks!

I'm getting freaked out!


Little Sister is on her way!!

Re: What is going on Downtown?!

  • That's crazy! We live Downtown (actually Belltown), and haven't heard any helicopter noise yet which normally happens when there's that much activity.... I just hope everyone's alright!
  • nothing is on ?yikes! ?keep us updated..i'd be a lil freaked out too!
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    Seattle bank evacuated after robbery

    KIRO Radio

    Several blocks of downtown Seattle were closed off Tuesday morning, while a bomb squad investigated a suspicious package left inside the Washington Federal Savings Bank (3rd and Columbia) after a robbery.

    The robber reportedly left a suspicious note and a backpack inside the building before he fled.

    Police say the precautions were taken to make sure the area was safe before continuing with the robbery investigation

    Police have determined there is no danger of an explosion. They are still looking for the suspect. No one was injured in the robbery.

  • Yikes. ?My best friend works for the county in one of those government buildings. ?I just texted him to see what's up.
  • Thanks for posting.  I was about to head downtown.  Of all things, I need to go get an official copy of my divorce decree (not from my good current husband... from the rotten old one).  That would be just my luck.  Go on the rare venture downtown...and even rarer visit to a King County Clerk's office and get held hostage by the suspect.  I think I'll put off that not fun task for another day.  Sorry that you are down there.  Hopefully, they get the guy soon and order capital punishment for scaring a nestie.

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