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Greenville, SC Cruise info

OK guys, my husband swears that a few weeks ago in the free newspaper we get every week there was an article about a cruise line that departs from Charlotte, and as a service they offer a shuttle service from Greenville to Charlotte for people on the cruise. 

 Has anyone heard/read anything about this?  I tried googling and I can't find anything.


Re: Greenville, SC Cruise info

  • Charlotte or Charleston?  Since Charlotte is landlocked it might be a little hard to take a cruise from there.  Unless it is like a river cruise or something weird like that; but then I don't know any rivers in the Charlotte area.

    Charleston has several cruise lines porting there now.  I forget what line my friend is going on in November.

  • V~ I'm thinking it's probably Charleston. Which paper was it in? it might be worth it to check into that paper's advertising dept or something-that way you could at least get a true contact name/# for the company.


    Big Smile 

  • Haha sorry it was seriously Charleston and I was even thinking Charleston when I typed Charlotte.  I guess my fingers are just more accustomed to 'Charlotte."

    Anyway it turns out the ad was actually in THIS weeks paper which we found.  It's for a Carnival cruise, but the deal is through a travel agency so I'm sure there is plenty of markup to compensate for the transportation costs.

  • go to carnival's website, we are cruising with them in a couple weeks and got a great deal
  • Where are you cruising with them?  I've personally never been on a cruise but I'll try it once!
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