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I am a stubborn moron.

and made myself go to work today.

I'm totally useless at the office. I'm going home in 15 minutes. boss ordered. bah. wish for my recovery?  

Re: I am a stubborn moron.

  • Best wishes on a fast recovery!!! You need to learn how and when to stay home for your health girly! Its very important!
  • Rest up and get well soon!

  • I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but I'm glad they're sending you home, go home and rest!!
  • I'm jealous.  My bosses won't let me leave, despite my fever and inability to stop coughing.

    Will someone please come to my office and chloroform me so I can go back to sleep?  Much obliged.

  • Hope you start feeling better!  Nothing like a good nap when you're feeling sick!
  • expediting you some chloroform since I can't leave the house...

    feel better Sassy! 

  • I wish my bosses would send me home when i get sick :( Instead they complain about how much noise I make while coughing or whatever but then wont let me go home blah
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  • I don't understand "not being allowed" to go home sick.  I'm not trying to be mean, but as adults can't we make that decision for ourselves?  Would you get written up or fired for leaving??  I thought that was what sick leave was for.
  • It is but we are so behind due to lack of people working (bosses included) that at least in my situation if I were to leave nothing would get done and sso unless your puking you gt to work. Or you call in sick but if you go to work sick your not leaving unless your puking pretty much. My work is messed up though
    Lilypie Second Birthday tickers Photobucket Even babies love the hounds
  • Around here, I'd be lucky if being fired was my only reprimand!

    Instead, my supervisor's evil is more like psychological warfare.  She'll mysteriously un-approve my vacation time.  She'll respond to a client in a nasty way and then give her my name when the client says they're gonna call our corporate office to complain.  She'll blame me for all her mistakes loudly, throwing things on my desk and slamming doors.  She'll sign me up for all the worst duties, like shredding 4 years of expired files.  She'll deliberately do my job incorrectly so it takes twice as long to correct it all.

    If my boss was an adult, then I could behave like one, as well.  But unfortunately, it's taken me three years to realize I have to pander to her to avoid her nightmares.  And as much as I resent that, it's just easier.

    I have picked a Last Day goal, though!   Party!!!

  • image SassyMcPeaches:

    I have picked a Last Day goal, though!   Party!!!

    Okay, Sassy... you've really gotta do it this time!! :)

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