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House turns down Bailout


*please let me know if there is an unspoken rule that we don't engage in politics on this board. I will gladly delete the post.

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Re: House turns down Bailout

  • HA!  Nope, post away about politics.  This board is pretty good w/ political discussions. 

    This was actually brought up in the Random Thoughts post, but I think it deserves it's own post too.

    Willa 4.6.06 and Henry 10.18.08 Camp Sinki
  • I don't know the intelligence behind it, however, my general feeling is that I don't like my government stepping in and bailing out companies that failed.

    If the company I work for starts making poor quality product and cannot keep itself running I would not expect the government to come in and help us out.  However, I do think that some analysis potentially resulting in new regulations to see what caused this economic downturn and how we can prevent it in the future.

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  • I'll definitely reiterate what I said before.

    "I don't know what's going on."

  • While this bailout totally sucks, we would be IN BIG TROUBLE without it.  The government NEEDS to do SOMETHING. ( again, I hate to say it, but it's true.  The repercussions of doing nothing are far worse read: deep, deep recession).


    I am scared...seriously. Back to the drawing board.  And if it doesn't get passed, this country is screwed even more than it is now.

  • Some good news. Price of Gas is down and GM is building a $370 million plant in flint to build electric cars!

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  • F.

    It stinks that we have to increase regulation and assistance to these organizations....  There are a lot of other things I'd like our country spending this money on.  

    But, we need to do something.  The Dow plummeted.  The credit and money markets are probably going to freeze up again.  (If they haven't already.)  There are international lending and banking institutions that are also going belly-up....  If we're not careful, we're going to have a major, global recession/depression/whatever on our hands.

    I'm really frustrated with this.  Off to check the roll call to see how my representative voted....

  • Where do you check the roll call?  I'm very interested in it.
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  • Here you go...

    FYI-- Hoekstra voted "Nay."  (From one fellow Ottawa county resident to another.)

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