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There is something wrong with me today, first I started tearing up at the TIP board, then I got a letter from the Hipps Club and they called James 'my toddler', and not my baby, so I got a lump in my throat and started getting teary again and now Azureblue's post about yesterday did it again. Anyone else ever have those days? I am finding this especially odd as I have not been able to cry easily since having James.

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Re: Tears

  • Yes.  Regularly.  And I don't even have the lack of sleep that you probably still have to deal with!
  • Oh Blushing Rose.  It's okay.  Whatever it is.  You know you have had alot on your plate with James.  It isn't all that crazy that it comes out at weird times.
  • I have days like that. 

    Just today I was sitting with Milo on our bed, singing him a song and he was really smiley and I just felt so happy I got a knot in my throat!  So not only is it sad things that get me, but really lovely, happy moments as well.

  • All the time!  I guess its hormones or that just some people are more sensitive than others.  I'd rather be that way that not to be moved.  Smile
  • Yep, all the time, the kleenex ads in Australia used to really get me.  I think it is definately better to be affected than not.
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  • I'm always crying! It's human, and predominantly a feminine trait and not a bad one.
  • I get teared up a lot--just happens. Something makes me feel really happy or a bit sad and then the tears come. Sometimes it can be practically nothing that sets me off--sometimes hormones do strange things.
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