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Those who live in Renton (question).

We're looking at a temp. apartment in Renton for 1-2 months while we get a feel for the area and rent something more long term (we'll be living in Seattle for 3 years). 

Do any of you know where Wasatch Hills (community) is?  It's located near Stevens Avenue/Sunsent Blvd near the new Renton Center and the Municipal Airport?

Any thoughts on the area would be great! 




Re: Those who live in Renton (question).

  • I'm not too familiar with that area...I think that's near the Dog & Pony (pub) and Stir (weird all Asian restaurant...sushi, Chinese, Asian soups)

    I found it on a map though,+WA&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&resnum=1&ct=title

    Also close to the Landing and Greenfresh market.

    Is there specific info you're looking for?


  • I wouldn't recommend that location.  It is very busy, lots of people, lots of cars and not the best part of Renton. I would look for something on the east side of 405.

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    Little Sister is on her way!!
  • The area really close to the airport is in the process of being cleaned up slowly, however I agree that it's still questionable.  There was a shooting just two weeks ago.

    But I have to admit the new/refurbished apartments near the new Renton Center area are actually rather charming.  Lindseywedding has lived at for over a year now, and she loves it!  It's not cheap, though, since it's on Lake Washington.  And I'm sure the traffic is a headache, but what isn't around those parts!

  • My office is down there next to the Dog and Pony.  I think it's kind of sketchy.  I won't go down there at night by myself.  Nothing major has happend to me in the 3 years weve been down there, but there seems to be a lot of riff raff running around. 

     And the couple of bar murders really don't add the the secure feeling.

     I would head to the north of the Landing on Lake Wash Blvd or go up to 4th and Union area.  Sunset just East of 405 has a lot of low income rentals that could be questionable.


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