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How did your weekend go?

19 days until spring!

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Re: How did your weekend go?

  • Friday we went out to eat and then checked out a sports and travel show which was fun but not too interesting.

    Saturday we helped a friend paint at his house and then hung out with my family at my parent's house.  My brother was in a robotics tournament and they qualified for the world competition which is in Dallas in April.

    Sunday we went to church, cleaned, grocery shopped, and relaxed. 

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  • I can never remember Friday, lol.

    Saturday was a busy day.  Lots of errands.

    Yesterday I went to a memorial mass and luncheon for a friends mother who passed away a year ago.  I love spending time with her and her family so even though it was for a sad occasion it was an enjoyable day.  I really enjoyed the mass, too.


  • Friday:  Date night with H at one of our favorite restaurants.

    Saturday: Spin class, cleaned up the house, work dinner.

    Sunday: Spin class, ran errands, relaxed.

  • Friday we made dinner and watched a movie.  I feel asleep for a bit, then woke up and we watched more movies.  I ended up in bed at 5:00 am.  Haven't done that in a while LOL

    Saturday I made pancakes and we ran errands.  That evening we made Sweedish Meatballs for my dads' birthday and took them to my parents' house.  That was fun.

    Yesterday I went into deep clean mode.  Our house is spotless.  I love it!

    Happy March! :D

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  • Yay for spring! Even though I'm pretty lucky in So Cal, it's still been raining way too much for me! I can't wait for longer and warmer days!

    Our weekend was good! Just spent it working on the house and celebrating a friend's birthday. I think DH is liking that he has a built in DD for the next 9 months! :)

  • My weekend was good - DH was off on a golf trip to the beach so my mom came in town for some shopping.  We got a lot done and baby Maddie's nursery is officially finished!  Now I just have to stop shopping until our showers are over! 

    Sunday afternoon I was a co-hostess for my best friend's baby shower.  It was fun to get to see everybody and watch her open up fun little girlie gifts.

  • Pretty decent.  I stayed home sick on Friday.  We went to visit my brother and SIL (they live about 2.5 hours south of us) for the day on Saturday, which was really fun.  Yesterday, I felt really crappy, so we just sat around the house all day and ordered pizza for dinner and watched the hockey game and the closing ceremony.
  • Friday I wasn't feeling well so DH cooked dinner for us and a friend. Then we hung out and watched a movie.

    On Saturday I cleaned the house while DH was lazy. That night he had poker night at our house for him and the guys while I went out to dinner with the wives.

    On Sunday I was lazy on the couch all day. DH had both our cars cleaned and he painted the wall in our garage that finally got fixed.

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • Weekend was good, not too eventful.

     Saturday we saw Sherlock Holmes. I loved it!

    I cannot wait until Spring!

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  • Friday night we went to dinner at a local bar and grill. Always so yummy.

    Saturday we went into town to pick up supplies for our basement finishing. We also had Denny's for breakfast. And Sat night we had a nice dinner with my parents. Oh and on Sat I listed a bunch of stuff on a local free classifieds website and people started calling right away! We sold our leftover tile and someone is coming to get our couch/loveseat tonight! The only bad thing is that we haven't even started shopping for new furniture yet. Looks like we'll be watching tv in the bedroom for a while. Lol.

    Sunday was lazy for me. DH and I super-cleaned the floors. And while DH worked in the basement I watched Law Abiding Citizen. Pretty good movie.

    Overall, it was a nice weekend. Definitely not as stressful as the weekend before!

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