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Christmas Ideas

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for inexpensive, fun or creative gifts for christmas?? Just became a SAHM and I'm trying to start working on gifts right now. All i can think of are pictures.. but i know there are plenty of creative people out there to give some ideas for some broke families!  :)

Thanks for your ideas!!:) 

Re: Christmas Ideas

  • A couple of years ago we got some homemade hot chocolate mix in a bag with a christmas themed mug and some peppermints.  She also is a SAHM and I knew money was tight.  I thought it was a very personal and thoughtful gift.
  • Thanks!!! that could become a family gift too if i added a family movie or something..?? Thanks!!
  • I'm making something neat for a couple of girl cousins (around 17-20 age).  I got these cute tank tops on the clearance rack at Target for $4, and i'm going to pick up some coordinating fabric at the fabric store and stitch pretty sleeves into the the tops.  I saw this done in a high-end boutique and knew i could "copy" the idea easily because I sew!  I'll also stitch my labels into the shirt that say "Custom Made for You Especially By americanrumba."

    I'm just waiting for this gas crisis to lessen so I can drive to the fabric store, LOL. 

  • Go to a craft store (sometimes supermarkets have them too) and buy mason jars.  You can fill them with ready-to-make soup, cookies, or body/facial scrubs.  You can find the recipes on the internet (or there are books on homemade gifts).  

    For example, you put in flour, sugar, baking soda, chocolate chips.........and on card stock write/print "recipe for chocolate chip cookies.....add 2 eggs and 1/4 cup butter" etc.


  • You should look on the Money Matters board. They talk about this stuff and a couple of weeks ago someone there posted a huge list of gift ideas that were all homemade and inexpensive.
  • The quickest way to my heart is a tin of fudge.

    If you're going to do something homemade, I would do something consumable, since taste in crafts, art, etc. can vary.

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  • I've tried to go with something Xmasy for everyone. Last year, for example, I found Christmas themed clocks for $4 apiece; so I bought 10 of them, then made a bunch of Xmas candy and cookies and boxed them all attractively so everyone had a gift for under $6 total.  We opted out of the name drawing, and so no one had to buy us gifts and vice versa.

  • is my new favorite website.  Cooler stuff, not mass-produced, and very reasonably priced.
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  • I 100% ditto the consumable gifts idea- I'm a big fan of a cute plate of homemade cookies, fudge, or gingerbread (especially if there's a tag letting the recipient know if they contain milk/ eggs/ wheat/ soy/ tree nuts, in case they're allergic)?

    We also got a really cute gift one year that had 12 bags with a holiday poem or story inside each one, and the idea was to open one ?a night and read aloud the poem or story after dinner on the 12 days of Christmas. ? We had tons of fun doing it and it made some of my favorite Christmas memories- some were a little sappy and some were hilarious, and one had my mom laughing so hard she was in tears. ?It can't have cost much to make 12 little felt bags and print out the stories on paper, but I remember it as something really fun and special. ?

  • Last year I did $10 a person ... so I did gift baskets and they came out great.  For a single uncle I gave him an assortment of herb teas, and cookies ... for a couple I combined the $10 bucks to make a $20 basket with chips, salsa and wine.  Kids do great with a basket of coloring books and pencils and colorful things.

    I would also consider jars with layers of ingredients for cookies, hot cocoa with marshmellows. 

    You could buy pajamas for everyone.

    You could bake (but thats a lot of pressure around the holidays).

    You can make a gift basket with popcorn, candy and move gift cards.

    You could give a cassrole dish with a favorite recipe and some ingredients.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • I second consumable gifts as the most likely to be welcomed, but would caution against doing something with a shelf life - the jar type gifts are best, I think.  Money was tight last Christmas, so DH and I did little boxes of cookies, candy and fudge, gift wrapped them, and stacked them in little gift towers tied with ribbon.

    It was such a PITA. Never again.

    You might be faster at scooping truffles, baking, and wrapping 32 individual little boxes than I was, but it was way time consuming and a bit stressful around the holidays with everything else going on, for me!

  • Google Gifts in a Jar - tons of ideas like soup, cocoa mix, cookie ingredients.  It's a cute gift and cheap in bulk.
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  • I know this isn't the most creative or original, but I always love getting bottles of wine....there are some great wines that are under $10/bottle. 
  • My mom does this for friends around the holidays and it is super cute.  When baskets are on sale at craft stores she stocks up and then buys a few different types of plants (small ones) like ivy, pothos, ferns, etc.  She arranges a couple of these in small baskets (with plastic liners, potting soil) and ads a few holiday themed items.  ie:  red and silver ornaments for xmas, fall baskets with leaves from craft stores (orange and yellow leaves).  Huge hit and shows that you went the extra mile.  Otherwise mason jars with stuff added is pretty inexpensive.  Something I start doing early is when body wash/ hand soap at bath and body works is on sale like 3$ per bottle, I stock up and keep them handy for a last minute gifts, or give them as stocking stuffers, or as another added gift under the tree. 

  • Check out clearance racks at Target,- plus they have the "Dollar spot", Big Lots, Dollar Store.  A lot of things are completely cheesy looking but every now and then you stumble on some really nice stuff. 

    I bought a couple of plain 5x7 white frames at target- pack of 2 for $1.20.  I plan to add a ribbon to the top and some letters to the bottom ("Grandma's Girl" "I love my Grandpa!") and print out some cute pictures with borders for them.  Total would be less than $2 per frame.  I also got a couple of cute circle frames with snow flakes last year for 99 cents that will go to great aunts and uncles. 

    They are also great places to stock up on basket type gifts- we have done lots of themes: movie night, girls night in, ice cream parlor, soup, cookies, liquer (mix plus a few glasses and some small bottles at the liquer store- kinda expensive basket), golf, tennis, Cars (the movie, for a child), a car basket (wax, buffing rags, travel mug, rearview mirror decoration)

    Good luck!

  • I think that it really depends on who you are trying to buy for - teens?  MIL/FIL?? College grads?? 

    I agree with others, that tastes vary.  If you knew FOR SURE what people were in then you could do more specific gifts like the tank top idea.  Or, for teens/hs grads you could make pillow cases with a theme for each.

    Out doorsy people?  Collect and press colorful or varried leaves.  Dip in a clear paint to give it shine.  Arrange in a cute frame.

    Game type people?  I think that shutterfly does this (I'm sure other sites do as well) you can take a photo and have it printed on a deck of cards. 

    Otherwise, the edibles are good.  Other ideas that I did not see posted were toasted almonds and caramels.  You can also make dog biscuts for people with dogs. 




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  • At the risk of sounding like a snot, I'll say this -

    I would much rather receive nothing at all than a $10 item that I have no use for. 

    I'm also not one for the "one-gift-for-all" mentality, like making tons of jars of soups or cookies to give out.  Where's the thought in that?  Sure, it's homemade.........but it's also quite evident to everyone who receives this gift that you weren't really thinking of them when you made it - you were just thinking of something easy and cheap that could be made in bulk.

    When we're tight on money, we simply cut down our list of gifts to buy.  Maybe we don't buy for as many people, or maybe we just don't buy as many gifts for people.  Regardless, we still think of each person on our list as an individual with their own likes and dislikes, and try to find each person a gift that they will like that fits in our price range. 

    And again, I'd much rather receive a nice card and a hug from someone than something with no thought behind it.

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