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s/o how morbid - question

re: caroline's post of her boss on the phone talking about her funeral.... while morbid, it doesnt hurt to be prepared especially when you get older. however, we all know that at any time any of us (or our spouse) could be taken from this earth, God forbid anytime soon. have you discussed with your hubby if you have preferences (i.e. organ donation preference, buried or cremated,  location to be buried, etc)

Re: s/o how morbid - question

  • before dh deployed, we went to get our wills taken care of. we did have the discussion then about if we wanted to be buried or cremated and also the location preference for burial.

    some squadrons have ppw for the spouses to complete before the military member deploys that dwindles it all down to the songs played at the funeral and everything. i have the ppw but we have never filled it out. it's scary, but we are aware anything could happen to either of us at any time and we wanted our preferences to be known to each other.

  • We have never really discussed it to the full extent.  We are both organ donors, I know the cemetery we will be buried (not sure about burial or cremation for either of us yet).   

  • Last year when both of my grandpaw's died it got the conversation going. We know that be both want to be creamated, we are both organ donors and neither of us want a traditional 'funeral'. A get together is fine but no church, no caskets, no public viewing. More importantly (to me), we discussed that we do not want to be put on life support if we are sick, but we would do it if we were in an accident and the drs honestly thought we could get better.
  • We really haven't thought about it. I am a organ donor. I don't want the traditional funeral. I would rather have a celebration and people get together and just spend time together as it seems that people come together in families at weddings or funerals and so if they are all getting together why not have a party.
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  • I have told DH that I want to be cremated. I hate wakes and find them morbid. I am also an organ donor so I will have my organs donated and then cremated. I want my ashes to be spread, I don't want to be on an urn on someones mantel.
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  • We haven't formally discussed it.  I do want a funeral Mass, and I sort of assume DH does, too. 

    As far as burial or cremation, I think we probably disagree on this.  I'd prefer to be buried side by side, but I'm guessing DH would prefer to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in the mountains.

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  • We've talked about it a little, but we definitely will be sitting down and doing our will this fall once he is a police officer and the baby is here.
  • We've talked about it some. We'd both like to be organ donors (aren't yet) and be cremated, and I honestly don't really care what happens to my ashes. I want my funeral to be a celebration of life and a celebration of the fact that I'll be with the Lord.
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  • Arek refuses to talk about it. Every time I bring it up he changes the subject. I tell him I don't want to be cremated though and not kept on life support unless there is a significant chance I can recover and live a semi decent life.
  • actually we have talked about it. i honestly dont think planning for something like that is morbid bc we all are going to die at some age. and i just know how hard it is as family members to go pick everything out. so why not while i am still here and kicking help my family out.

     we have 2 plots with my family at our churchs cemetary. we are both organ donors. and i do not want to be on life support. the only reason i would is if the dr thought i would recover and lead a good life.

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