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random ? 2

Do you own a VCR? If so, when's the last time you used it? If not, when's the last time that you did own one?

Re: random ? 2

  • We have a vhs/dvd's been sitting in the TV cabnet since we moved here. The DVD said doesn't work well, but the VHS does! We are watching the lion king right now! Before tonight the last time I can remember using it was to watch Luke's ultrasound tape in 2007.
  • No, but sometimes I wish I did cause I have some old tapes from HS that I'd like to watch someday for laughs.
  • we have a vhs/dvd combo too.  I remember DH bought it when we first started dating- dvds were new then (and we did work at blockbuster together), LOL!!!  

    I cannot remember the last time we have used clue. 

  • We do own a VHS/DVD combo that I bought before I met DH.  We haven't hooked it up, though, since we moved to WA.

    I want to hook it up, though, so we could record LOST and other shows, since we don't have a DVR either.

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  • we don't. well actually we borrowed one from my uncle over christmas in hopes of transferring some tapes to dvd, but that didn't work out. the one my uncle gave us was in his garage and hadn't been used in forever!

    i haven't had a vhs since i moved out after i graduated hs. mom has a dvd/vhs so we can watch old home movies when we come home

    even though i have no vhs player i do have some vhs tapes :) romeo and juliet (w/ leo dicaprio) is one i'd like to watch again. i might have to make dh hook that sucker up!

    they are a dying breed, that's for sure!


  •  i refuse to get rid of our VCR b/c if we do - what happens when we may need one and they're no longer around! we were video taping shows we missed - but then we found out how cheap DVR is and it makes life a lot easier! so the VCR is still with us - just in the closet. last time we used it - ?????????
  • Nope. Think the last time I used a VCR was maybe Freshman year of college until DH said I needed a DVD player an bought me one!
  • we still have one hooked up in the bedroom and we had one in the living room until we got dvr last fall.  DH used it all the time to tape WWE
  • Yep, we have two actually. We had three, but I got rid of one since we only have two tv's. Neither is hooked up right now.
    The last time we used one - about a year and a half ago. We watched Bambi. :-)
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  • I actually have a tv in the second bedroom that is a tv with a vcr built in. I don't remember when I used the VCR on it though, maybe 5 or so years.
  • No VCR for me! Last time I used it was my senior year of college to record TV shows, then I got DVR when I moved into my first apartment almost 4 years ago.
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  • We still have one, but I don't think it is hooked up.
  • i had one but i let my cousin borrow it and i have never seen it again.
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