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Well that was gross

I just spent the last 45 minutes cleaning up after my baby.  She went to bed at 6 as usual.  At first all was silent.  She normally goes to bed very easily.  After about 15 minutes she started crying.  It wasn't her "I'm hurt/upset/need you NOW" cry, so I let her go for 10 minutes.  She didn't stop, so I went in to check on her.  Poor thing had puked.  :( 

DH and I changed her sheets, changing pad cover, gave her a bath and clean jammies and put her back to bed.  Washing sheets, etc right now.  Pretty proud of myself for not puking, I've got a pretty weak stomach.

She's had a cold since Thursday (and a fever on Thursday only).  Yesterday she was back to normal, but today she was acting off again, though no fever.  So we had a quiet day at home.  But she ate and drank like normal.

 Moral of the story:  I bought 2 matress pad covers when I was pregnant, because I thought it would be a good idea for those middle of the night sheet changes when she spit up a lot or had a diaper explosion.  Well, she never did.  We never had to change her sheets in the middle of the night.  So I felt kind of silly having 2 matress pads and not really needing them.  Until tonight.  Now I'm glad I have 2.

Welcome to toddlerhood!  lol

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Re: Well that was gross

  • Oh my. Note to self go buy another matress pad!

     Hope she is okay and starts to feel better soon.

  • Thanks, me too.  That was not an experience I'd like to repeat any time soon.
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  • We had 3 mattress pads for reasons like that and there were several times when that came in handy. There were times when a diaper leaked (just pee) and I had to change it, throw it in the laundry pile and they'd soil the second one before I got to washing it.  I have 4 sets of sheets and mattress covers between the 2 kids now and there were times when we've gone through 3 at once.  They're cheap enough, it never hurts to have extras.  Hope she feels better soon.
  • Oh my!  I hope she is back to normal for the rest of the night.
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  • Poor M!  Feel better soon!
  • Ugh, I'm sorry. Mine just puked, too, but during the transition from stories with DH to BFing with me. Glad you didn't puke. I didn't either. Yay for that! Hope your LO feels better soon!
    The joy of his first LC cupcake!

  • Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon. I feel your pain, I have a weak stomach as well and all it takes if for me to think about G puking and I get queasy.Ick! It's amazing though, when it's happening I just switch into mama mode and deal with it.
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  • Poor thing! 

    It's definitely a 'baptism by fire' type of experience, isn't it?  No one and nothing can prepare you for just how bad it really is.  Ick!

    The only thing that is worse is having to do it in the middle of the night AND X2 (reminiscing back to catching pukey germs from B's kids at your first St. Patty's Day party).

    I hope M does okay overnight and that you both have a better today tomorrow.

    I Need Coffee!!!


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