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Moms-Making own baby food

So far I make all the veggies, but we still buy some to go in the diaper bag for when we are out and about. I do buy the fruits right now. Just trying to figure this all out still.

Anyways, we got some jars of the meat, and it smells so gross. It honestly smells like dog food. Charlie doesn't seem to like it, don't blame him at all. So I am going to attempt to make our own meat now. What do you suggest that we do in prepping it? (as in cooking it and in what?) I was thinking maybe in a crockpot with some carrots and potatoes.

Any input on this is welcome.

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Re: Moms-Making own baby food

  • We never used any of those jarred meats with Abby.  We didn't start solids until 6 months so we probably introduced meats (just regular ground beef, ground chicken, etc) around 8-9 months. She had 4 teeth then so she was much better at the whole chewing thing.
  • What meat are you talking about (and what stage food)?

    Taryn's never had just plain, jarred pureed meat. She's had turkey and chicken purees, but they were always in combo with a veggie (in the same jar--such as Turkey with Spring Veggies).

    In the higher staged food, where they have the meat sticks or whatever---I don't plan on giving those to Taryn. They look disgusting. She has 4 teeth and I give her tiny bits of "big kid" food all the time. She's got the hang of chewing, and can even pick up small pieces of food and feed herself.


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  • The plain jarred pureed meats. The one we opened tonight was beef with broth. I think we did get some of the ones mixes with Veggies. These ones were stage 1. We have to be careful with the mixed veggies. Charlie can't handle green beans.
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  • I've heard good things about this website: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ . Isn't Charlie to young for meat, I thought meat was supposed to be introduced closer to the first birthday.
  • We're still doing fruits and veggies with Alex. My friend purees her own chicken, but I haven't done it yet. I don't think I'll be making meat for her in the processor, it just doesn't seem like something I want to see. Also I figure she's getting more nutrients from the veggies than she ever would with the meat, and still getting protien from formula.

     If you want to, you could go to a book store and check out the section on making babyfood and just remember how they treat meats when processing them. I wouldn't do it by itself, maybe a boiled chicken breast, and puree it with some veggie Charlie likes, so it's a bit more wet for him. The book I have says to mix it with milk (breast or formula) to wet the mixture.

  • I am not a Mom but NONE of my nieces and nephews would eat the meat alone (it does smell like cat food).  They would eat (and loved) any of the meats mixed with something (chicken and apples, etc)
  • I would probably also wait on introducing the meats to him.  Have you talked to your pedi about it?  I know ours said to wait until 8 months to really start introducing all the meats as their bodies aren't mature enough to fully digest it.
  • Very good points ladies. I will be talking to Charlie's pedi at his next appointment.

    Just really trying to figure how to make Charlie some good baby meat that doesn't smell like dog food.

    The site that was listed says to bake the meat. Just wondering if cooking it in a slow cooker would make it more tender.

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