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about being pressued to reproduce

My parents have never ever pressured me to reproduce. They dont want me to ever have children unless I want to. The only thing my mother has ever said to me, concerning her preferences about my reproduction, is that I should consider working less or having H stay at home, if we have kids and that I should make sure that we are living in a good school district and no matter what make sure I have health insurance for the children and a life insurance policy for the two of us.


Re: about being pressued to reproduce

  • I'm feeling pretty luck ont his board - I have no parents to pressure me to breed. When my mom was diagnosed she asked if me and the FI (we're not together anymore) would have kids before she died.. i was less the diplomatic in my resonse.. it went like this. " are you on the strong drugs..? If i have a kid and you die what the he!! am I gonna do with it then?!?!"  she relented.

     No one really comment on me having kids, except G, every single fricking time i say i feel sick, or my tummy feels funny, or I want to sleep longer then normal he is like.. maybe your knocked up. Its not fun, i usually retort back nasty. Poor guy.

  • I'm sorry about your mom. Lol @ your response to her though. 

    Is G your bf?

    My H is actually the only one that pressures me to reproduce. He has waited a long time to have kids. He was married for 12 yrs prior to being with me and he refused to have kids with her. But, he also doesnt believe in daycare (its like the tooth fairy to him) and I dont make enough for him to stay at home, nor do my parents/any family live nearby, so not sure what we would do with a kid right now. 


  • Yes G is my bf, I haven't actually advertised it on here - but he is moving in with me .. in 5 days!!! Wooot!

    well - if he doesn't liek daycare, and there is no family.. you could always build a pen in the back yard, feed the thing, water it, give it a long leash to run on.. some hay to keep warm.. you know.. like all those wierdos in the news that steal kids, cept this one is yours for real...

    I think you guys will have to do some serious talking, either change jobs to afford one of you to stay home, or move. I mean what does he think is gonna happen? They don't take care of themselves...

  • Gracie- solution: dont have kids right now. Walla!!

    lol @ some hay to keep the kid warm.


  • what..?? kids are like dogs right..? arent' they? I thought they were.. og god.. are they more complicated? I can't keep them in a crate? SH!T
  • oh sh!t son! that is hilarious..

     We had neighbors across the street when i was a kid - and the husband hardly ever stayed at home with the kids..(s boys, 1 girl.. all hellions) the one day he did Cody was about 8, so Colin was 10 and christa 6, the wife came home to find cody...

    in a life jacket

     in the carport

    hanging from a hook on the ceiling.


    Hubbys reply - that kid never stops! what?

  • I keep telling people that's why duct tape and closets were invented.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • Ugggh... just this weekend my mother asked me if I was pregnant because I confessed to going to the grocery store to buy a cake for myself to eat it because I was stressed and couldn't make my own. I tried very nicely to reply without throwing my fork at her (we were eating dinner).

    I referenced office space and told her to get off her jump to conclusions mat, but she was clueless..

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