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Dog Whisperer Fans

Just heard from a friend who saw Good Morning America that Cesar's Pitbull Daddy passed.  It's very sad but I know that dog had to have a great life.  I couldn't find the info from Good Morning America's site but I did find this article from the Baltimore Sun.


Amelia Marie

Re: Dog Whisperer Fans

  • Yes, very sad... Daddy was in a lot of the footage and his website.

    It's nice to know he had a pit bull and it was a very good dog (from what I saw).  I've been seeing a lot on petfinder and sis said there was some attack in/near Phila so when that happens, a lot of owners tend to get rid of their pit bulls.  Sad.

  • It is sad. Personally, I feel that pit bulls should be illegal in metropolitan areas where dog fighting and a lot of violence happens (like philly). There were TWO attacks last week. One was a little boy who had to have is arm reattached. And his friends ran away with their dog instead of helping him. I know the whole "punish the deed, not the breed" saying, but pit bulls were CREATED to be fighters and unless they have owners like the dog whisperer, they are much more likely to snap. I was a dog attack victim as a child by my family dog and it makes me nervous as hell when people have large dogs around their kids. I don't care how much that dog is your 'baby,' unless you are the dog whisperer, you don't know what that dog is thinking or when it's going to kill or deform your child.
  • It's so sad the way pit bulls are mistreated. J worked in Central Park and he says they'll often find broken tree branches from people who hold their dog up and make them grab onto the branch with their teeth and hang there to make their jaws stronger. What is wrong with people? They're lovely, intelligent dogs and they're being destroyed in large numbers because of cruel idiots.
  • Kristy - I agree and disagree with you.  Pitbulls weren't originally bred for fighting.  They were actually used to hunt and drive livestock in Europe.  But in the twentieth century people turned them into fighters when dog fighting became big in the United States.  Which is why I think pitbulls in America get such a bad rap. 

    I do agree with you however that they are a "bully" breed and definitely need a strong leader/owner.  Someone who is willingly to work with them and understand the difficulties that can come along with the breed. 

    I am and idealist when it come to dogs and a firm believer that any breed can be a "good" dog if someone is willingly to put the time and effort into them.

    Amelia Marie
  • I love pitbulls and would take one in a minute.  I actually find the little dogs to be more aggressive.  Pitbulls do get a bad rap and it's sad, because of all the dog fighting in Rochester, the shelter will not let any be adopted and instead euthanizes them.
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