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BR: Her bday has turned me into a monster...

lol!  Stinks is turning one next month and planning her birthday has made me a crazy woman!  I've done trial runs of the cake and the cupcakes, I've ordered her outfit and I'm wondering if I need to order a signature plate for her guests to sign.  See, I'm crazy!!!!  What one year old needs a signature plate for their birthday?!?! 

I'm going to blame the craziness on the stress of having lots of family coming into town for the party! Wink


Re: BR: Her bday has turned me into a monster...

  • Yes, of course, she needs a signature plate! Only terrible mommies don't have signature plates for their one-year-old! (kidding!)

    I think it would be sweet to have a plate with signature from everyone for all sorts of events from birth until graduation. You know, so the then-grad can look back at all the people that love her. But I'm kind of crazy myself!

  • I have a feeling I will be just like you when my DD turns one. I'm already conjuring up ideas in my head and she's only 7 weeks old!

    I like the idea of a signature plate--I might steal it!


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  • lol! Well that first birthday IS pretty special. I don't blame you. :)
    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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  • Oh I've already started planning for peanut's...and it's not til OCTOBER. Yeah..right there w/ ya!Party!!!

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  • The signature plate idea came from a catalog that I got in the mail. Those catalogs are evil! Lol! It was all stuff for first birthdays and there is a signature plate that goes with her party theme. Now, I just need to convince dh that she *needs* it! Lol!
  • Let's face it - the details and the hoopla of the 1st birthday are for US and for posterity - our kiddos could really give a rip about cake design and matching plates and all that.  So, just be honest and say "*I* want this, so let's do it".  Nothing wrong with that!  The ones I roll my eyes at are the gals on the other boards who insist that all their over-the-topness (yep, I made that word up) is "for their LO".Confused  Haha... You're Fine.  Signature plate =/= Monster. Smile
  • This subject line made me laugh.  Love it!  I obsessed over her first birthday party.  Go ahead and splurge :)

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