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spouses club?

How many nesties are in the spouses club? (i.e., go to meetings, games nights, potlucks, etc.)

Re: spouses club?

  • I go to the monthly FRG meetings...because my husband wants me to. And those aren't too bad. I don't really do any other activities with them because they all seem to be focused on those wives with children or wives who are much older than me.
  • It's not an "official" club, but several of DH's female colleagues and other department wives and I have a book club.
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  • i was when we were stationed at riley. it wasn't too bad. now that we have moved i just haven't had the motiviation lately but there is a coffee coming up so im going to try to make it.
  • I went to bingo a couple of weeks ago. That was fun.
  • i go to the ladies' coffees when we're back in garrison and i attend the frg meetings because i like to stay in the loop of things and be involved.  plus, i figure, if i ever have to voice a concern or dislike, they'll already know who i am rather then assume i'm some stranger just coming to complain.
  • I go sometimes. I have been to a few of the lunch bunches and a few other meetings. I"m not super involved, but I've meet a few other wives thru that and have some friends that way. They are fun, I guess and a chance to socialize.
  • I do.  This squad has a "Spouses" club, vs Officer's and/or Enlisted club.

    In fact, the CO' and DO' wives and I organize the monthly get togethers.  We are putting together our first bunco night, with hopes that we can make it a second, regular event.

    Unfortunately, most of our spouses (at least the ones who participate) work and have kids.  So more than a couple meetings a month are all we can schedule.

    Our goal is to get more of the younger spouses (those that do not respond) to at participate.  


  • Its sad here. We just had a few units 'go out' and I am friends with wives from a few different units.  Hardly any of them have been contacted by their FRG. There is one unit that had a deployment dinner the night the guys left and they have said that they will contact me when they have stuff going on again.  BUT, our Platoon Commander's wife contacted me, (because I told anothe FRG I was trying to get info) and made a huge deal about wanting my contact info to keep in touch and let me know about GTGs.  That was the LAST time I heard from her. I even gave her the names and phone numbers of the other wives who WERENT getting any info either, and she hasnt contacted them either.


    We have kinda of formed our own club. A few of us GTG for coffee and stuff and keep tabs on one another.  I guess thats all that matters right?

  • Dh is natl guard and all his FRG unit does is have an annual holiday ball and a summer picnic. At least I think the FRG plans them. Other than that I never hear a thing. Even if they did have activities, we live hours away from his unit so I doubt I'd go. I wish it was more active especially if/when they deploy.
  • DH is the spouse in our relationship, and he doesn't do any of the functions or anything that aren't for both spouses.  I feel bad, but I asked him not to because I know how things can be and I didn't want it to look "off" that my DH was hanging out with the wives.  What can I say... base is gossip central!
  • I feel like Suzi Armywife right now:

    I am a POC for our FRG.
    I'm on the Care Team for his troop.
    I go to most of the coffees.
    I'm in the Officer Spouses Club, attend all the luncheons, and through that am in a book club, a cooking club, a wine club, a dining out club, and a running club.

    It helps that I only work part time! =)

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  • I'm Treasurer in the FRG and on the Care Team as well.  I try to make every meeting I can.
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  • I didn't join the wing group.  I go to our squadron's events b/c I feel I have to, but those are maybe a once a quarter meeting, usually less often.  We really don't have anything here, and I probably wouldn't be involved with it anyway.  It's mostly focused on babies and kiddies.  If not those, then it's something religious.  Usually it's a combination.  I don't want to be involved in any of that.
  • I'm part of the official spouses club, go to potlucks, just went to my first bunco, and am working on getting invovled with other things.  

  • Not to sound creepy, but if it was the bunco night a few nights ago in Gaeta, I was at that one too, Faye.  (I'm Lindsey, btw... I guess my  location doesn't show on my profile)


  • I'm in the Officers' Spouses Club, but they usually meet during the day. I have a full time job (teacher), so I'm unable to make these events. But occassionally they have an evening get together (this month is Bunco). We also have special interest groups (bowling, book club, scrapbooking), and I just volunteered to head up the scrapbooking club in order to meet some other spouses.
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