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Councilman Goode Jr.

Have you all been following that stry on Fox29?  one of his employees has been submitting, ofr years, bogus timecards. Fox was following her and trying to get to the bottom of it (is it just Goode's office?  larger spread?) and the girl in question held up a sign that said Fox are Racist and Jeff Cole is KKK when the camera was in City Hall. 

Its pretty remarkable.

[IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!

Re: Councilman Goode Jr.

  • Ive been watching it all!  Its pretty funny that Goode told Jeff Cole to "never disrespect a black woman", but let his cousin practically manhandle Claudia Gomez, a Hispanic woman, when she was trying to talk to the Councilman.
  • I saw this a few weeks ago I think, I thought it was so odd that they kept calling them racist about the timecards, I felt like I missed part of the story.
  • indeed Monroe!

    (why anyone had to mention race at all...what about simply "don't disrespect a woman".... that would have been appopriate)

    so that was his cousin with the chapeau and glasses shoving Claudia?

    did you hear that there are penalties , as of um, 2000? 2004?  for hurling any sort of racial epithets in city council.  um....and the guy who talked about it to Fox, when asked what shld be done with Latryce (is that her name?) in loight of that  he said "i have no opinion".  DUDE - you just got through defending the passage of a bill you helped author and YOU AREN'T COMMENTING?  i need to look that up to be sure I am on base .

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • Something that intrigued me was that Latrice Bryant was seen leaving the Councilman's house one morning and also going with him to his house one afternoon while he carried a case of coor's light....oh, and she reported that she was working during these times on the timesheet Goode signed!  I am now wondering what his marital status is.
  • i googled him and his bio and cannot find marital status.


    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • I need to know what a legislative assistant does for $90,000 a year. 

     Did you read in his letter to Fox, he said that he will continue to evaluate his employees primarily based on their work product rather than time sheet accuracy?

  • on it says his salary is 98K?  how can an elected official come in at 98 and his asst makes nearly the same? 

    i wonder what her job description is - if only on paper!

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • The Daily News says with her $90k salary she is also behind on her PGW bill..

    Also did you hear the KYW blurbs of Goode's support of the First Amendment?  Really.  This is where my wage tax money goes.

  • I read that she started in 2000 getting paid in the 30's and is now up to $90,000/year and that in one year she got a 29% raise.  Good Lord.  I know this is terrible, but I kinda wanted to hit her when she was holding up those signs.  I know that's terrible.....I just feel bad for all of the people paying her salary.  It isn't fair. 
  • punching her in the head is hardly "terrible" when its juxtaposed by calling someone racist .  not to mention calling someone racist when she's in a venue where there is to be no racial animus (thanks darrell clarke)....

    (um, there shldn't be any racial animus anywhere, so why is city hall so special?)

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • good Rum, b/c I really want to punch her a few times...HARD. Some people can be weird on message boards when it comes to violence. Sad
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