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You Tube video about Pancreatic cancer

A video about the cancer and how it's under funded and trying to find a cure.

The first woman is my niece Maureen talking about my sister Lisa.

It's about cancer so it's a little sad. Please don't watch if you don't want to watch something sad.

My niece has become quite an activist for the cause. I'm quite proud of her. They are working on a walk to honor my sister and raise money for research towards a cure.

They are trying to get to 10,000 views by Monday the 29th which would have been my sister's 47th birthday so watch it if you don't mind and pass it on if you can.


Re: You Tube video about Pancreatic cancer

  • What a wonderful thing your niece is doing.

    I can not watch at work, but I promise to view this weekend.


  • That's so great that she is carrying on in your sister's memory. I just know I will cry so I will wait to watch it when I get home.
  • That's awesome of your niece. I'll be sure to watch and send it along.
  • I am in the middle of reading the book "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch (one of the featured people in the video). It is amazing how this disease is so terrible, yet it gets no research- I hope that this video helps bring awareness and spreads across the Internet... I'm going to e-mail it out today!

     Thanks for posting this- very sobering and scary though!

    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • No you tube at work but I will watch when I get home. That's a great thing your niece is doing.
  • Thanks guys. I know it's a downer but I really appreciate you watching it and passing it on if you can. It will mean a lot to my niece and BIL if we can get close to the 10,000 mark for her birthday. Plus you never know, maybe it can help someone/

  • Amy that was a great video, kudos to your niece on getting involved. My hope is that all the awareness that started with Dr Pausch will continue and help the cause along with what youre niece and others are doing...
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