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I'm at my wits end - Update

FFing has been going veerrrryyy bad. I cry everyday. Here are some reasons why I hate it at this point (no offense to anyone that FF).

- BM tastes sweet, F tastes gross
- BM smells good, F smells terrible
- With BFing I can nurse and sleep at the same time meaning I get a good nights sleep. With FFing I actually have to stay awake to hold that bottle.
- DD had yellowish/brownish poop with BM and it was soft, no smell at all. Now with F it's very dark green, smells horrible and is harder.
- She screams when she has to wait for me to make and heat the bottle. She is not used to waiting to be fed.
- Today she spit up and it came out her nose (that has never happened with BM) and she started choking. So that was the straw that broke the camels back.

I am now on my way to my DR's office and am going to demand he change the meds I'm on. I will then take them to the pedi and make sure it's okay to BF with them. After she choked I stopped taking the meds and am BFing her ... she latched on great : ) She actually giggled when I put the breast in her mouth like she missed it.

Wish me luck : ) I am DONE with FFing ... at least now I can say I tried it and it did not work for my family at all.

Since DH bought me a really nice electric pump so that I could pump and dump in order ro BF again after I was done with the meds, I will still use it. I plan on pumping 4 oz. everyday and building a freezer stash. Then if I get sick again she will still have breast milk.

Re: I'm at my wits end - Update

  • Aw hang in there, GL with the dr!
  • Good idea on the pump!  Unfortunately not everyone out there can breastfeed (as in our case), and FF is the only option.  But I'm glad to hear that Hana has latched back on so easily.  :)
  • Ah....I'm sorry this has been so hard. Good luck.
  • IMHO, it might not necessarily be the formula. Have you introduced a bottle to her before this episode? She may be freaking out because she's never had a bottle before. Try pumping and have DH give her a bottle of your expressed milk a few times a week so she gets used to having a bottle. That way, if this does ever happen again, not only will you have the milk stored away, but you will also know that she will take the bottle right away. Best of luck with the doctor. Cheers, Jen :)
  • It could also be the formula. there are so many different kinds out there, it might good to try some different ones. And different types of bottles as well. When DD started bottle feeding there one or two types of bottles that she hated but one or two that she loved. also most meds are ok to breastfeed with. All reg drs will tell you not to BF just in case but when I would talk with my lacation consultant and her ped she said they would be fine. Especially if the baby isn't a newborn.
  • The Dr. changed my medications : ) YAAAAAAAAAY ! After I left the Dr.'s office I drove straight to the pedi and made sure they were okay. He said "Yes, by all means breastfeed". He did say that I should have contacted the Lactation Consultant and soon as they gave me those meds. I didn't know LC's know about meds. So that was my mistake.

    Hana and I are verrry happy again : )
  • That's awesome, this way you can BF her through college!
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