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tell me what to buy...

My new every two is available on verizon and my contract is just about up. I want a smart phone.

I am trying to decide between staying on Verizon and getting a blackberry or a Droid, or moving to AT&T and getting an iPhone.

I live in the DC area. I don't really talk too much on my cell, so I imagine I'll use it for texting and internet more than conversations. DH talks on the phone a bit more than I do.

DH is also ready for a new phone, so he'll get whatever I want to get. We'll combine our plans and are willing to pay up to about $150/month for both of us. As far as the phones themselves, free or cheap would be awesome, but I don't mind dropping money for something great. 

For context, my current phone is a razr, and his is a flip phone from 5 years ago, so we're not fixated on getting amazing technology. 

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Re: tell me what to buy...

  • My DH and I switched from Verizon to AT&T in September for the iPhone.

    I absolutely love the iPhone, but really dislike the AT&T network.  Verizon's network is by far the best.  So I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons...iphone vs. Verizon's network.  

    Happy shopping!  

    "They say with time it gets better. Not true. With time you only get used to it."
  • Rumor has it that the iPhone is coming to Verizon this summer.   I love Verizon!  I have an old Blackberry Pearl and my husband has the Droid.  He LOVES the droid more than any other phone he's had.
  • Get the iPhone -- you will love it. 
  • IMO, AT&T has a horrible network. DH and I both have Blackberrys through Verizon but we are planning on getting Droids when our contract is up. I like my blackberry but DH's sister got a Droid for xmas and it seems to be a step up from the BB.
  • I have had a Drioid, Iphone & Blackberry. And I got a new BB today so that tells you what I like!

    I would talk to people in your area and see how the AT&T service is. Also, if you can wait it out, I would to see if the Iphone is moving to Verizon if you really want it. 

    As far as texting go's. I would go with a BB, I like have a keyboard. I just got the Bold on T-Mobile today and so far it is my favorite phone I have had.

  • iPhone probably isn't worth the A T & T network- especially in the DC area.
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