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Nuvaring period question...

Hi I'm new here :)

I was just wondering if anyone has extremely light periods on nuvaring...and by extremely light I mean very very light as in pretty much spotting only for 1-2 days.  Should I be concerned?  I've been on it for a year and was on ortho tri cyclen for 10 years prior to the ring with light periods but nothing like this.  Also...when I take the ring out on Sundays, I don't get my period until Friday!  I'm just afraid something is up...

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Re: Nuvaring period question...

  • I have used the Nuvaring and had the same issue.  I asked my doctor about it and she told me that is normal! So enjoy the short period!
  • Yep. I was on it for 4+ years and my period was almost nonexistent and the Dr. said it's normal. No worries.
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  • yup, been on for a few years now and i have only had light periods and i love it. A lot better than my previous periods.
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  • One of the things I like most about Nuva, and there are a lot, is this. I went from 6 day, very heavy periods (supers on most days) to 2-3 day periods that are very light.  My doctor said it was completely fine.
  • same here - very light, and starts late in the week (i take mine out on Sundays too). 
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  • Yep, short and light periods here, too. But mood swings like a B*TCH... anyone else?
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