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Lurker needs help!

I just washed and dried a colored lip balm in a load of khaki pants.  EVERY single pair has pink grease all over them.  The tude is empty, so I'm guessing it melted in the dryer and got all over the pants.  Any ides of what to do?  I?ve never done anything this stupid with laundry, so I have no idea what to do other than rewash the load and pray it comes out. TIA!

Re: Lurker needs help!

  • This happened to us once, also in a load of khakis.  I did the dish soap approach and it helped, but didn't completely remove the spots.  But I just kept washing them in the regular laundry and eventually the spots disappeared.
  • image Crash*Into*Me:
    You can get Dawn dishsoap and start rubbing it into all of the stained spots, let the clothes soak overnight and rewash in the morning.  You can wipe out the dryer with a rag dampened with dawn/water and then dry some towels to help scrub any remaining residue.

    Agree!!! Dawn dishsoap works awesome for this.

  • This happened at the lake when my DHs and my laundry was thrown in together.  After it came out of the dryer - there was his chapstick all over my clothes (my only fitting pants/skirts, uh!).  We re-washed a bunch of times, and I air dryed when I needed to see it dry so there wasn't any additional dryer time to set it further.  Eventually it came out.  I would try the Dawn approach the pps mentioned too. GL!
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