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Clorox wipes on grantite??

What about our finished wood kitchen and dining tables?

Re: Clorox wipes on grantite??

  • Not much can hurt granite...with the possible exception of something very acidic like straight lemon juice left on it too long.  I wouldn't recommend it for finished wood surfaces though. Use diluted peroxide for disinfecting.
  • I use clorox wipes on my granite. No problems so far.  The stuff is practically indestructible.

     As for finished wood surfaces, I use Pledge wipes.  I will occasionally use a clorox wipe if I know it is really dirty/sticky or needs disinfecting, but I follow up with a dry cloth to get it off of there, too.  It'd be better on newer wood - antiques and things tend to soak up more stuff.

  • I agree with pp, not much can hurt granite. Just may leave a streak. I cloth buff after.
  • I use the wipes every night, and no harm.  My mom does the same w/ her granite.  I have  never personally used it on wood though. 
    -- Jackie
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  • I use Clorox wipes on everything, including our wooden end tables. My DH leaves things on them and they can get sticky from his spills. It helps to get that kind of stuff off, and they collect all the other dust around the apartment.

    If you're worried about it destroying your wood, use a cloth to wipe off your table after using the clorox wipe!

  • it says right on the back of the clorox wipes container NOT to use it on granite.

    i paid too much for them to risk it.


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