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is my dh sick??

I text him while he was out earlier to ask him to bring me home some chocolate cake because I was craving some. DD has a cold, AGAIN!, so I didn't want to take her out in the cold. He text me & said he wasn't near the store. Ok typical response. I didn't really think he'd bring me some anyway. Well he got home & had a brownie mix. I asked him why & he said he remembered when we dated that I said brownies were my favorite. So he made me brownies.

I know it may seem silly to some for me to be so thrilled with this but for those that know the situation my dh just does not do that kind of thing... EVER. It was a small thing but it really meant a lot. I actually cried.

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Re: is my dh sick??

  • Awe! :) That's great to hear! What a thoughtful thing to do. I needed something cute like that before I went to bed... Thanks for sharing wachs and have an awesome night with the hubs and some brownies!!!

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  • Aw that's so sweet and great to hear dh doinf this for you. That's so cute too that he remembered it from when you were dating.

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  • I am glad you had a good night Big Smile

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  • Yay!  kudos to your DH.
  • That is good wachs, baby steps.

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  • That is awesome Smile I am glad he did something so sweet for you!
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