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I am so mad.... have you ever had an...

When we conceived my dd, we used the fertility monitor so I knew when I was fertile.  It worked like a charm.  We got pg on the first month of trying.  So I am on the monitor again.  We are on the 2nd month.  I had a pap couple weeks ago, and it came back abnormal.  I went in and they did a biopsy, and now I have to get the leap procedure done in March.  Ughhhh... I am do mad, because I really wanted to try to get pg.  Now there goes that idea for a couple months.  Has anyone ever had to have the leap procedure done?  How long do you have to wait until you can try again?

Re: I am so mad.... have you ever had an...

  • I had one done in June. My doctor originally told us to wait until my follow up pap which was 6 months later (December). I called like 2 months prior to that to find out the reasoning for waiting and she said not to put our lives on hold because they can do the follow up pap during pregnancy anyway. I had my pap done about 6 weeks ago when I was about 12 weeks pregnant and it came back normal, much to our relief =) 

    You can't have sex for 4 weeks after the procedure. You should ask your doctor what they suggest/think. I don't even know what made my doctor tell me one thing and then go and say something different 4 months later, but all is well...I'm healthy and baby is healthy!  

    ETA: you need to do what is best for your body first - TTC comes second to abnormal cells on your cervix. Definitely sucks, though.


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  • I am not TTC...yet, but I had a LEEP in September. Afterwards, the doc said to wait 4 weeks before having sex. I would say after that 4 weeks you would be good to go as far as TTC goes.
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  • I understand really wanting to get pregnant but at the same time isnt it better to make sure that your body is healthy so that you can give any future children a healthy start and not put them at risk?

    Plus just b/c you got pregnant immediately the first time around does not mean it will happen that quickly the second time around. In a few mths you could be still not pregnant even if you havent had this procedure. And what's a few mths if it means you will be healthy. I would be disappointed if I were in your situation but I dont think I would be mad.

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  • I had the leep done a few years ago and it can be really scary but you need to be healthy before you start trying again.  If they had discovered this when you were pregnant they would have to wait until after you have the baby and by that time you condition could get worse.  Usually doctors will try to have you wait until you get a normal pap before trying just to make sure that they got all the cells.  Also make sure you take the day off work or have an easy day when you have it done.  I felt like I had been hit in the crotch by a baseball bat.  Good luck:)
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  • I can definitely see why you are mad as I would be mad as well if I were you. Bottom line is that it sucks big time. I am a big planner and I hate when things ruin my plans. Try your best to follow your providers advice though. Sorry your having to go through this....GL TTC.

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