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Prague, Vienna, Budapest

Hello!  I am a lurker with a question.  We are planning on going to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in August of this year but have no idea how to go about booking this.  Have you done this trip?  Did you go through an agency?  Any recommendations are appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Prague, Vienna, Budapest

  • When H and I travel, we tend to look at tripadvisor to find hotels that we want to/can afford to stay in.  It's surprising to see sometimes, that the highest ranked hotels are NOT the most expensive! Generally, we chose one that is in the center of the city as we don't want to have to waste time training in/out of the city.  Be aware that almost all of Europe goes on vacation during the month of August, so hotels could be more expensive, and attractions such as museums could be packed.  Other than that, I don't have much advice.  How long are you planning to stay?  How much do you want to spend?  What do you want to do? 
  • Oh we did this exact trip! I have pictures too if you are interested.  We did not go through a travel agency.  In my opinion, you don't need travel agencies for certain places and Europe is one of those places. I can heartily recommend every single bed and breakfast we stayed in, they were all so wonderful, location great, price great, etc.

     We flew into Vienna, rented a car and drove from Vienna to Budapest, then after Budapest we drove to Prague, then back to leave out of Vienna. We had an amazing time! Driving was a piece of cake. There is nothing to worry about, roads are super clearly marked, drivers do not drive crazy (only cities can be a little more dicey). We even drove when there was a little snow going on, so I can imagine in August its even easier.

     Let me know if you are interested in pictures, I even have pictures of the places we stayed as far as rooms go.

    I did research extensively on tripadvisor and other places before I chose the places we stayed in.

    We stayed in Danube Guest House in Budapest: location was fantastic, we walked everywhere, breakfast was perfect, the hosts were awesome (even mailed us back a sweater that was forgotten). When we go back to Budapest, we will stay here again.

    In Prague was stayed in "House at the Big Boot"

    This was awesome... we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there, we actually went out with the owner's sons for a real Prague experience.. out to bars together... etc.. it was so much fun!  Breakfast was delicious, everyone was so hospitable, and in walking distance to everywhere. Safe area by the embassies. Highly recommend, will stay here again!

     In Vienna we spent a little more money and stayed at Spiess and Spiess apartments.  Great location, it was literally a two minute walk to the subway, and a 5 minute subway ride to the downtown area. The accommodations itself are awesome, breakfast is made to order, the place was gorgeous. great big bath, and these people also sent us a sweater that was forgotten (both DH's, he is bad.. lol)

    We would definitely stay here again. It was awesome and bed so comfortable. Everything so clean! bathroom was amazing.

    Also as far as driving goes, you do have to pay for parking but all of our B&B hosts knew exactly where to park for very very decent rates. 

  • We spent four days in Budapest and loved it (after hearing some mixed reviews!). Like the pp we also walked most of the time (caught the metro once to the baths) and found the city very easy to navigate around.
    The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
  • My Mom and I spent 4 days in Vienna - we simply took the train from Venice.  It was super easy. I'd take the train between all three destinations.

    In Vienna we stayed at the Intercontinental - recommended, within walking distance of the Kant Gasse, St. Stephen's, the Imperial Palace and Mozart's Haus.  

    I like to use Tripadvisor for checking out hotels.   HTH!

  • In Vienna, I used a Rick Steves recommended hotel and was very happy with it.  I don't remember the name of it, but as someone who was traveling alone it was safe/centrally located/etc.  Trip Advisor is good as well, but take their reviews with a grain of salt as some people hold hotels to different standards then others (I generally find people to be pickier than I am).

    Vienna is a great city and I loved it...again I used the Rick Steves book to help me find sights, etc and it was great.  

    [url=]Journeys with Jess Travel Blog[/url]

  • Thanks for all of the info!  I appreciate it.

  • We would have taken the train but it was way more expensive than us renting a car and paying for parking (and actually it was super convenient)
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