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Does anyone have a Palm Pre plus or a Palm Pixi plus?

Does anyone have a Palm Pre plus or a Palm Pixi plus?

Reviews? Pros, cons? Thanks! 

Re: Does anyone have a Palm Pre plus or a Palm Pixi plus?

  • I don't think the pixi plus is out yet, but I could be wrong. 

    That said, I had the pixi, and returned it after 2 days for a blackberry. The mic is halfway up the side of phone, next to the keyboard. I had to hold the phone one specific way to not have my cheek block the mic and muffle my voice. And I couldn't tuck it between my chin and shoulder without people being unable to hear me. 

    It was slow (very slow) and there weren't a lot of apps and extras for it. The combo touch screen/qwerty keyboard was really cool. But there were too many downsides for me about it.  

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  • I have the Pre (not Plus).  I think the Plus has either just been released for Verizon or is being released soon.  I've had a Palm or a Palm phone for years now.  The only challenge I've had going from a Treo to the Pre is the switch from Palm OS to Web OS.  I'm used to doing a sync on two computers, and without using an online/cloud exchange, the dual-sync can't be done as of right now.  Other than that, the functionality of the Pre is awesome and many updates have made things even better.

    Check out for all things Pre & Pixi-related.  hth!

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