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Heavy Cleaning:

My best freind mother past away recently. I took charge of cleaning the house from top to bottom, its a disaster !
The whole house is laminate floors have grime and grub build up on it. I am not sure how to begin to tackle the floors. I was thinking about renting eqipment or maybe buying a steam cleaner.
I have done the hands and knees with a scrub, but that would take me ages to finish to get perfect.

Any advice??


Re: Heavy Cleaning:

  • I hear good things about steam cleaners, but I wouldn't know what brand or model to recommend. 
  • What are you using to clean it?

    Vinegar and ammonia would be two things that I would consider. You might want to even pour a bit of your cleaner on the heavy spots, walk away, then come back to it. That might give it some time to soak in and get down underneath the dirt.

    I haven't ever used a steam cleaner. Sorry.


  • Can you use a steam cleaner on laminate (or are you talking about another surface in the house)? It's my understanding that steam and large amounts of water warp the floors. That's what my kitchen looks like thanks to the previous owners.
  • You might be able to hire a pro (even a commercial or industrial cleaner) to come in and do the floors. Not sure how much that would be, but if you add up the value of your time, plus the cost to purchase or rent a steam cleaner, plus the cost of other supplies it may break even.

    You could then carry on with the rest of the home yourself.

    Super nice of you, BTW. You're a good friend :)

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