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Cleaning electric stovetop?


We have an old style electric stove and I am trying to clean the silver plates under the burners-they are horrible! Does anyone have any tricks to removing the mess other than sos pads, etc. Also wondered, ok you can laugh at me, can you just buy new ones or are they standard to your specific stove? Thanks!!!

Re: Cleaning electric stovetop?

  • I had one at my first apartment. I use to soak them for a while so that they were a lot easier to clean after I would do that.
  • You can definitely buy new ones. Menards should have them, but I bought some at Home Depot for my last house.

     It's waaaaayyyy easier than trying to scrub them.

    It might not look the prettiest, but when I had bought new ones I wrapped them in tinfoil. That way when something spilled over I just had to change the tinfoil. I do that in my oven now too.

  • I'd just buy new ones. They are rather inexpensive & it's so much easier.

    I'm stealing that tin foil idea. Just got to be carefull because if the tin touches the heating element it can burn it out. Our oven is electric as well & I put a metal tray on the bottom for drips & burnt out the heating element. When the electrician came he said thats what caused it. Live & learn.

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  • Thanks! I am soaking them now and will see how bad they still are. I am probably going to just run up to Home Depot to get new ones!! They are so old, I am sure they are the original ones! Thanks again.
  • they do also make tin-foil looking inserts that are pre-molded to the shape of those things....that may make it easier for you.

    i hated my coil-top electric stove soooo much, i convinced DH that we needed to get a glass top last month.  it's so much better! 

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  • I use to soak mine wiht a dishwasher detergent and then put them in the dishwasher. Seems to work well

    Our local dollar store has tinfoil type inserts that just sit under the burner and then when it get dirty you toss them.

    They were about 4 for $1. I loved them

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