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ideas for valentine's day

So my husband brings up every so often that I'm so not the sexual instigator in the relationship...this is very true, I for Valentine's Day (well the night before...on Valentine's Day I leave town for one week for work) I thought I'd mix things up a bit and surprise him...any good ideas of some bedroom fun??



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Re: ideas for valentine's day

  • take control and be aggressive! surprise him with naughty talk and get on top...hold his arms down and do whatever comes to you...
  • Find out some of his fantasies and make them come true. ;)
  • Get boudoir photos done--or take some yourself at home if you're shy.
  • dress up in sexy valentine's undies.bra,whatever and do him! 
  • i'm also a little more shy.... i send FI sexy txt's when he's out, or in livingroom while i'm in bedroom. sometimes photos... he really likes that.
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  • Sometimes I like to surprise DH by being dressed in an outfit (nurse/french maid, etc.) when he comes home so he knows I'm expecting to get some.  Or if your DH usually takes a shower when he gets home you could light some candles in the bedroom and put on some sexy lingerie while he's in there so that you surprise him when he gets out and is already warm and clean!

    Guys are pretty visual, he might also like if he just walked into the bedroom, or living room, kitchen, wherever and found you completely naked.  Then when he asks what you're doing to smiles, you can tell him to get over there and do ___ to you.  (fill in the blank with your favorite foreplay or sex position)

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  • Lapdance.
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