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What form of BC were you conceived with?


I was conceived while my mom was using a diaphram (sp?)...! :D

Same here!  My older sis and I were both conceived via diaphragm as well! 

So what form of BC were you conceived with? Or how many BC babies do you know?
My mom had an IUD when I was conceived.  No BC is perfect - user error for all types is what lowers effectiveness rates! 
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Re: What form of BC were you conceived with?

  • Dont know if this counts for anything, my parents were trying for one, but i'm a twin. Mom blamed it on the newly ordained priest ("baby priest"), she said he prayed too hard.

    My youngest BIL was a IUD baby

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  • The twins are BC babies.
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  • I was a slipped diaphram and my little brother was a sex during period, my mom thought she was safe, especially at age 40.
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  • My mom went off the pill for 2 years to have me, there wasn't any slip up.  As for BC opps, I know a few people that issues, but I am pretty sure its user error and they forgot to take their pill all the time.
  • Well I guess you all know now how I was conceived! 

    My sister was when my mom used the sponge that they later recalled due to it's ineffectiveness... 

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  • Me too except my parents weren't trying for one and got two! My twin and I are 18 months younger than our older sister. Big Smile
  • I don't know anyone who was conceived while their mother was on BC.  I'm sure they probably just don't openly discuss it if they did.
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  • My mother is the queen of these. My brother was conceived on wedding night on a broken condom. My sister was conceived on the pill and I was conceived during menopause. She thougt she couldn't have anymore so stopped all sort of bc and here it's me.
  • Thats why I take my pill EVERYDAY and make the man suit up every time!!!
  • imageLucky1621:
    Thats why I take my pill EVERYDAY and make the man suit up every time!!!

     I am glad I am not the only one who doubles up!

  • BFF had her first on a one night stand with a exbf using condoms with spermacide. They're married with another kid now and pretty happy so we kinda figured it was just meant to be.
  • I was conceived when my mom was on the pill. Both of my nieces were birth control pill babies and I know about 4 people that got prego while using the ring!
  • The it's-the-end-of-the-6-weeks-so-surely-we-can't-get-pregnant-again-this-soon form of birth control.
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  • I wasn't conceived on any form of BC, but I know 2 girls who were BCP babies. Both of them are 10 years or more younger than their older sibs and both mom's had been using the pill properly.
  • One of my good friends had her son when she was on the pill. Her dr told her that women who are even "just slightly" overweight have higher odds of the pill not working
  • The pull out theory lol
  • I was a Depo baby. There is a really (not) funny story  about how I found out.

    I  have 7 friends who got PG on BC.

  • I'm a broken condom birthday sex baby!
  • pull and pray, if that counts

    Mr. Kuus was conceived via a NFP failure.

  • DD is a vaginal contraceptive film baby(Dr told me it was 93% effective...guess we fell in the other 7%) and I got pg while on the pill but miscarried.
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