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Tell me if this is too much to charge

If I wanted to watch a child in my home (infant to 2 yr old) would $200-225. be too much to charge?  Tia!

Re: Tell me if this is too much to charge

  • Hi!!! I don't have kids myself, but from what I hear that's kind of standard...  Although I'm not sure if for that price you should be certified in something (CPR, etc.), and you should definetely make sure you have some type of insurance. HTH
  • I would say yes.  We pay $160/week for DS who's 18 months old for in home.  $225-$250 is the range I found for day care centers, so $200-$225 is not much of a savings.  And typically one main reason people go to in home day care because its cheaper.
  • I would also have to say yes.

    Most in home places are about $150 -$175/week.

    If you want an idea you could just go look at what people are charging on craigslist -


  • I would also say yes...Full time I think a reasonable price is $150/week or $600/month.  Part time I think $100/week could be reasonable.
  • I agree it's too much. The center Aidan will start next month is $225 a week.
  • i also think so - we have 2 kids going to a licensed daycare provider - it is $45/day for them - so for 2 kids we will pay what you are asking for one. and she is licensed so we can take it off our taxes. standard that i have seen is 20 to 30 per day for one child. good luck!
  • i also agree that it's too much.  i pay $25 a day which i realize is very reasonable, but when i did my search for in home providers (take ds to their home) it was anywhere from $25-$40.  If it was the higher end i would expect you to be licensed, fyi. 
    ****My boys....****
  • I don't have any children (yet!) :), but I also agree that it's too much. I know a few people who have done in home daycare and they have charged $125-150 a week. They might be on the low end of the scale, but that is what they all charged. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  • I think if you're going to charge over $150-175 a week, you need to be at least certified in CPR. Much more than that and I'd expect you to be licensed.
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