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What is the best Christmas present you received this year?

Even though we couldn't afford to do much this Christmas, I did have a really nice time with family this holiday season especially since it was our first one together has husband and wife! The best present we got this year were the master card gift cards and my absolute favorite two tickets to go see Jersey Boys in Chicago! I spent this past Monday night with my hubbie (who happened to remember it was our 2 year anniversary of our engagement and took me to the same restaurant we celebrated at 2 years ago in Chicago!) and we went and saw the show which was amazing! This was really special since it was also the first Christmas without my Grandma who normally took me to see the shows so for my family to do this for me was really special. What was the best gift you got this year?
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Re: What is the best Christmas present you received this year?

  • best gift this year was a portrait of my horse that my mom painted.  It was just amazing.
  • I got a beautiful Opera Lover's tote from H that I just love.


    The gift card to Williams Sonoma from a friend is a close second!

  • Its a tossup between the Chiminea and my stainless cookware;-)
  • My H got me a day at the spa, so so excited, can't wait to use it!
  • I got so many great gifts, I can't believe it.  In no particular order, the best were:

    A new Coach purse, tickets to Bon Jovi at Soldier Field, (both from the hubby) tickets to Blue Man Group and a $100 Ruth's Chris gift card (from my parents), and some star diamond earrings from my in-laws to match my necklace.   But, my absolute favorite gift was from my 7 month old niece- a picture of me holding her. 

  • The best Christmas Present I received was a photo of Me and My husband on our wedding day and my sister had photoshopped in My grandad and Grandmother in from a photo from my sisters wedding. When I got married last year my grandad was very ill and could not be at the wedding. My grandad and I were very close and it was very hard for him not to be there but there was no way for him to be. Five days after my wedding my grandad went to be with the Lord. So having this photo done was really special to me because it was the one thing I wanted for my wedding was for my Grandad to be there with me and I know he was there in spirit and now I will also have the proof he was there with me.


  • I am heading back to school, so the best gift I recieved was from my ILs - a beautiful new Macbook! I also got a new digital camera from DH, plus some ski poles & private ski lessons.

    DH & I made wedding albums for both sets of parents and they just loved them. 

  • shark steamer mop! lotsa muddy paws around here...
  • Toss up between my Nike+ or electric ice cream maker.

    Oh, and I'm a Twilight fan and my sister got me a mouse pad that said "What do you mean Edward isn't real?"  I LOVE it.  :)

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  • My husband got me the collector's edition 70th anniversary copy of the Wizard of Oz.  It's been my favorite movie since my parents bought the 50th anniversary edition.
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  • With the help of a jewelry designer on Etsy, DH created this beautiful necklace for me. Has our wedding date, initials on a heart charm, DS's birthdate and's simply the best thing I have ever received. Almost beats my engagement ring. Cried when I opened.

  • You're going to love your Nike +, I got mine a couple of months ago to help me train for my half marathon in March and I just love it!

    Edward's not real!!! I love Twilight in fact on the Nike forum theirs an Edward vs. Jacob challenge 

  • KitchenAid Mixer and food processor! I am very happy with them both.


  • DH got me a Kindle and a pink suggie. I love them both.
  • My H got me an awesome Coach purse, and some really cute D&G sunglasses- both were a surprise and I LOVE them!  Also a shark steam mop from MIL.

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  • We got a lot of awesome gifts, but right now my favorite is the gift card to Home Depot because I am going to buy a new toilet with it. I know that sounds horrible but it would mean a lot to me to have a new one.

    My second favorite gift would be the makeup my aunt got for me. It builds my self esteem to be able to look nice at work. I can hide the "sick" look. People tell me all the time that I look sick or tired. They aren't trying to be mean, but I guess my coworkers are concerned about me. It gives me confidence to hide that and have a more consistent presentation with my appearance.

    Then again, I guess the whole toilet thing also ties into the health aspect... Don't worry, I won't go into any details further than that.

    I'm also using most of my other gift cards to get yoga DVDs. Happy Holidays!

  • A snow globe! H and I did not exchange gifts but I had said the only thing for Christmas I wanted was snow. Well it did not snow here. So H got me the globe and said that was my snow for Christmas!
  • An underwater camera from DH to take snorkelling on our Mexico vacation the day after Valentines. I mentioned wanting one this summer, it was so sweet that he remembered.
  • The best thing i got for christmas is the coach wallet my sister gave me.

    The best birthday present i got was a HTC hero phone. Its a love hate relationship with that phone.

    Best gag was my laundry hampers. Turns out Ben bought 1 for me but his mom asked him why he only buy one hamper? I need two. So i ended up with 3 hampers. lol

  • Fiance got me diamond/pearl earrings that are GORGEOUS. I cherish them as much as he cherishes the Call of Duty game I got him, lol.
  • The Kitchen Aid Professional HD Stand mixer that DH gave me and my shearling (not Ugg) boots from my mom!
  • Our Garmin Nuvi from my parents.
  • My DH got me a new juicy purse and wallet... he is seriously the best hint picker upper (? lol) ever! :)
  • I asked for new socks and a new toothbrush for Christmas. Eventhough I didnt get anything that I asked for, my favorite gift was the Urban Decay Super Stash 24 / 7 Eyeliner Set (  As soon as I opened it, I couldnt wait to use it!  And I must say...its fah-reaking awesome!
  • I know, i know, I'm late to this post but I did receive a bread maker machine. I do love it.
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