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Help? No sex in 5 months?

Yes, 5 months. What's wrong with him? How can a man go 5 months without sex? I have tried to initiate it but he doesn't seem interested. We have been married for 5 years and everything else is great but this makes me feel so disconnected from him. Help!!!

Re: Help? No sex in 5 months?

  • Have you asked him what's going on?  What does he say?
  • um... have you talked to him about any of this? If not that should have been the first thing you've done about this.
  • How come you let this go five months?

    I strongly suspect there's been no dialogue between you and your H. I suggest you sit down with him and have a frank talk.

     What's happening here could be anything from his simply losing interest in sex (it happens), an affair  or he's got the start of some type of health-related problem.

  • the obvious: talk to him.

    Not so obvious: do you initiate?


    More info would be great! 

  • I would just ask him whats up
  • I bet he's got something going on in his troubles with work, money problems, family issues...try not to nag it out of him, but do try and find out what the issue is. I don't see how you let it go five months...but it is absolutely important that you resolve the issue.
  • talk it out. ask him whats going on
  • I completely agree with the previous posts, you need to talk to him about it, in a very non-judgmental way. Just ask him what's going on, is there something you're not doing? Is there stress at work? Get the verbal dialogue going.

     I doubt it's an affair...most of the time, people generally act more affectionate and romantic out of guilt...

    If after the talk, things are still the same, I would suggest going to a doctor. It could definitely be a health issue. A hormonal imbalance most likely or it could even be worse like a tumour (I don't want to scare you! But I've heard of it). So definitely talk to him!! and then see a doctor!

  • When mine goes that long it's because he's addicted to porn and has fallen back into the habit.  I used to convince myself that maybe he just had a low sex drive, but it's really just that he had a low sex drive for me.  You should really see if you can make him open up more about this and see if there's more to it.
  • Talk to him.

    He could be gay

    He could be having an affair

    He could be stressed

    The list goes on, so best just to talk to him about it.

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  • please...he'll come around as soon as u stop askin and questioning him ~ do you!!! And u know how u do that ~ get your own piece (dildo) have some candles for the bedroom ~ girl he gon' be smilin like ooohh, yes that smells good ~ but check it out ~ its not for him its for you and you show him just how its for you and how much u missed his comfort ~ first off, you're a woman with needs that NEEDS to be satisfied and u feel lonely ~ its not like ur out cheating and being stupid but u show him this is what u like and what you've been missing ~ now its either he's gonna jump on the bandwagon or get left and if he decides to get left just play it out (but i'm sure u wouldn't be able to 'play-it-out) cause it'll be so good to you and u would bust a good one ~ smiling and then he'll wonder like....??? right, thats what u want him to do ~ because he must not forget thats what brought u two together or even closer (s.e.x) and now he wants to fall back, Mr. Five Months ~ no...u fall back and do you because if u keep wondering about him and he's not worrying about you then what message is he really sending ~ is it someone else??? is someone else knockin his bootz....okay please don't be naive ~ u could tell somebody u love them all day long and still be doing ur own thing on the side ~ so please don't be sadly mistaken ~ take charge and bust a nutt.....
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