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New to Phoenix - help

DH and I moved to phx, from New Zealand, 10 days ago to be near his family. 

Since I got here my skin has FAH-Reaked out on me, and my legs (esp thighs) and hips and tummy have all dried out and now appear to have rashes on them. I'm guessing it's the different climate and maybe the water, but does anyone have any suggestions for things i can do to settle my skin down? i normally have fairly sensitive skin but with this, i just don't know where to start. thanks!

Re: New to Phoenix - help

  • The dry air is affecting you most likely.  Get a good moisturizer, sleep with a humidifier. 

     Change detergent to something that is free of dyes and perfumes. Hope some of this helps. 


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  • Where in Phoenix are you living currently?  When I lived in Tempe- I had horrible reactions to the water (really dry skin, rash, etc) because of how Tempe treats their water.

    I found that using Shea butter (coco butter) on the worst areas, and applying a body cream daily almost all over really helped me.

    Like previous post said, with the dry air, that can really effect your skin as well.

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  • welcome to phx!!! sorry it's not treating your skin well, but over time, it will get better as your body adjusts to this dryness.  

    i recommend using a good moisturizer.  after you shower, apply it within 3 minutes. i use cetaphil and LOVE it!!! got a huge thing of it from Costco.  

  • Welcome!  Gosh, that is a huge move!  I totally agree, good moisturizer.  The water out here is very different (I'm from the East coast) and we are still getting used to it.  And the climate is very dry.  You will get used to it :) 
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  • Neutrogena has a fragrance free body oil that I've started using. Moved out here from the east coast several months ago and had some serious skin issues b/c of the climate and hard water. I put the oil on when i'm still pretty damp from the shower. It absorbs pretty fast and is the only thing I've found that helps. Oh, and Mario Badescu facial moisturizer is fantastic. They carry it at Ulta!!
  • Thank you all for your advice! I've started getting better about using moisturizer all over when i get out of the shower, and I've noticed a change already! thanks! 
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