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Aiport Security Measures

How do you feel about bomb sniffing dogs and full body xrays? Is it an invasion of privacy?



Me: I think it isn't a right to fly and if a dog sniffing my croutch makes me safer or a full body xray... I don't mind having them done.

Re: Aiport Security Measures

  • I agree with you 100%. If a dog needs to sniff my crotch for me to be able to fly in a plane and it not explode, then fine. Do it. You need to look at me with x-ray vision goggles? Go for it.

     It's been pissing me off watching people on the news biitch about the new security measures. Seriously? Do you want your planes to blow up in the sky with you in it?  I can see  how it's frustrating waiting in security lines but I prefer my planes without explosives, tyvm.

  • Agreed.  


    A quick story:
    One time a friend and I were flying and we went through the security line when they pulled her out of line to a private area.  The woman security guard came up to her with a wand to check her out further and was listening to someone reporting something in her headset.. She then said "Copy that.  Which breast?"  We both died laughing.  Apparently when she walked through the body scanner it appeared her left breast had something abnormal in it.  The woman then proceeded to feel up my friend to make sure she didn't have a bomb in her bra.  LOL.   

  • feel me up, pat me down.  do what you gotta go to make sure my plane and me are in one piece.

  • I have nothing to hide. And if some airport security guy really gets his jollies off of seeing an xray of me, I'll take it as a compliment.
  • I just can't get over how many people are upset by this on the internets.

    Full disclosure I get incredibly nervous around cops/tsa agents etc (bizaree since my dad is a cop) while we were in portland on our way home they doubled check bags randomly while boarding the plan...and of course i started getting fidgety and kept switching my bag from one hand to the other and BAM my bags were fully searched.

  • I can almost understand why people would throw their invasion of privacy hat into the ring because a lot of times the gov't can manipulate a situation to their advantage.  But at the same time, would you and your loved ones' safety be top priority?  People are nuts.

  • doesn't bother me.  try flying el al in israel.  those folks have armed guards on the flights.
  • any extra security measures don't bother me at all...i really think they need to address carry on one wants to check their stuff.  leading to when you get on w/ a really small bag, you can't put it in the over head b/c its filled w/ GIANT suitcases...
  • I've got nothing to hide, so in theory I don't care.  But these full body scans are a waste.  There are terrorists.  They are going to attempt to attack, and on extremely rare occasions will be successful.  Shy of doing full body cavity searches on every single flyer, something will eventually happen again.

    Any time you leave your house, you take a risk.  The odds of being a victim of something like this, to me, don't come close to making up for the tremendous amount of BS I need to deal with when getting on a plane.  

    So yeah, scan me and giigle at my naked picture, TSA.  But it's not going to keep anyone safer.

    Flying isn't a right, but neither is driving.  That doesn't mean a cop can pull me over and give me a breath test just because.  And drivers are statistically far more deadly than flyers.

    Baby Numbers 11.8.10 The Sequel on or around 10.13.12
  • Oh, and the real issue at airports is the moronic general public.  People are just idiots when it comes to security, and contrary to what one may think, one usually is not qualified to be in the expert flyer line.

    Baby Numbers 11.8.10 The Sequel on or around 10.13.12
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