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I can host bookclub!!!

Hey y'all -

I know we were talking about book club a few months back, but then my life sorta fell apart and I pretty much withdrew from most stuff in my life while I figured some stuff out.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in having bookclub again?

I know one of the issues before was a location.  Now that I have my spiffy house I want to become comfortable with entertaining, and what better way then inviting some of the Nestie girls over.

My house is in South Everett, and I would be happy to host a bookclub for the end of January or February.  Please let me know if you would be interested in something like that!


Re: I can host bookclub!!!

  • Me!!  (raising both hands)  I'd be interested in bookclub again.  Thanks for offering snowflake.
  • I probably can't commit, but congrats on getting settled and comfortable in your new place : )
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  • I would be interested!  I'll be gone all of January, but after that, I'd be all over it :)  I may even be able to host at some point, since we are now renting a house instead of an apartment!
  • I'm interested, assuming we pick a time/day that DH doesn't need the car. Smile  And I can host, too, since we have a big enough house!
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  • Someone marked this thread with 1 star....

    maybe they can't read?   :)

    I'm just proud, I'm not sure whether any of my other posts have rated ANY stars, so I think I'm moving up in the world.  Yay me!!!!    

  • The one star is more likely because it's creepy to go to someone's house if you've never met him/her. 

    Even worse if it's in South Everett. Ick.

    What will you read? The brilliant Twilight books? 

  • oh Lovely Rita....

    Continue to post, I can see you bringing much drama to the board....  not necessarily a bad thing, since the board has been pretty dead as of late.


  • I would be interested too even though I haven't been on this board much at all.
  • i probably can't be too active, but i will keep up with what everyone is reading and the goodreads site can still be used to keep everyone updated.
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  • I'd be interested!

    Assuming I don't end up with a job too far in the opposite direction. I eventually could host as well, as DH and I should be moved out of the apartment in early 2010.

    If times/dates don't work, I'd be up for knowing what everyone is reading and trying to keep in touch on the board.

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  • I'm not normally on this board, but its 6am in FL at my parents and I can't sleep. A book club would be great. I'll make sure to check into this board more often.
  • I'm interested too! Now that I'm finally done with school I'm really excited to read for pleasure again.
  • I leave for a week and miss the one snark post!

    I'd love to start doing book club again since a) I have met you and b) I don't think it's creepy for us to start up the GTG's again after such a long hiatus and c) maybe more book club posts will up the snark, thus helping me continue to have something to laugh at Stick out tongue

    I actually have a normal schedule for a while, and while I may not be able to make every meeting, I can probably make more than before!

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