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C25K- Trying to start but failing!

I had NO idea how bad of shape I'm in until this morning when I tried to start the C25K routine. I could only go through the jogging portion ONCE! The rest of my workout felt like a cool-down walk and I couldn't kick myself back into jogging..then I was beyond exhausted! I know everyone says if you just briskly walk everyday...each day a little longer than the next...that this builds your ability to jog/run. How long is this gonna take me? I want to be a jogger/runner SO bad! It would be the perfect workout for me in so many ways (and for my dogs). Advice? Encouragement? Tricks?

PS. This was like 7am, after a granola bar breakfast.

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Re: C25K- Trying to start but failing!

  • Slow down!  Seriously, go as slow as you can stand to.  You're building up your endurance, so it will take a while.  C25K is a great program once people (myself included) learn to pace themselves.  You CAN do this!   

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  • Ditto, it doesn't matter how slow you go, just keep going!
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  • Don't feel bad.  It took me MONTHS of working out to be able to do Week 1 of c25k!

    Just keep trying and you can do it! 

  • I have also just started C25K and am having some trouble. What I have been doing though is jogging for as many times as I can and gradually increasing the number of times I jog. It will probably take me about 3 weeks to actually get to the real "week one" and that's okay with me. Just keep trying, do it at your own pace. Maybe jogging for just 30 seconds to start will help. Good luck!
  • Thanks So much Ladies! I really needed to hear that I'm not the only one! I will do just that...I will not give up!
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