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PGR: My appointment

What a relief!!! We have a heartbeat. It was 176. I'm 8 weeks and due Aug. 11. Baby looked like a little blob because it was so low in my ute. I didn't get to see the doctor only talked with the baby consultant and had the ultrasound so basically I shaved my legs this morning for nothing ;(  But holy cow my prenatals were 68!! a month. H wants to pay it but she said I could come back and get a generic. What do you ladies pay for yours? Is that a normal price? H said 'We aren't cheating our baby on prenatals!"

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Re: PGR: My appointment

  • Generic pre-natals have the same vitamins that Rx ones do. Many women who use Rx's only do so because their insurance provides them for free, or perhaps they are ones that don't make them sick. But regular Target brand, etc. pre-natals are fine and you aren't cheating your baby on anything.

     That said, congrats on hearing and seeing the baby!!! Best wishes for a safe and healthy 9 months.


    ETA: Here are some links re: Rx vs. OTC. A lot came up if you google "prenatal vitamins prescription vs. otc"

  • Congrats on hearing baby's HB. I'm not an expert on prenatals. I take Target brand. Maybe prescription has more stuff in it.
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  • wow, i have heard that they can be pricey.  apparently, our school district has a class you can take either before u are preggers or when u get preggers and they will provide free prenatal vitamins to u.  Maybe u can check your insurance to see if they have some other brand that is cheaper??  I am glad your appt went well!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yay!  I've been thinking about you today. I am glad that everything went well!   I've got my first appointment on Monday.
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  • Glad to hear the appointment went well!
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  • I'm not sure if there is a Meijer in your state but they offer free prenatals and antibiotics
  • Yay for a hb, I just got on for a sec to see how your appt went!! I take the generic target prenatals because the prescription ones I was taking made me super nauseated when I had m/s and I had to go to flintstones for a few months, and then just couldn't spend the extra money for the rx ones since the target ones had the same exact # of everything that the expensive ones did.  I'm so glad your u/s went well and I can't wait to see your LO get bigger!
  • Sounds like a grerat appointment.  How exciting that you were able to hear the hearbeat!  And August 11 is a great EDD - it's my birthday!!  Stick out tongue

    I think I pay either $30 or $40 for a 90 day supply of my PNV...

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  • August 11 is my birthday too!! I buy the generic prenatals from WalMart..i think they are around $10 or $12 for 90 of them. No nausea or anythign from them and I have been taking them since March.
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