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Does your DH know?

I am new to the boards but I have read some past posts so I am pretty sure no one will be too offended by my question...
Do you watch porn? With DH? Alone? Does he know if you watch it alone?
My DH and I have watched porn in the past together and I do sometimes find myself alone with my computer but he (as far as I know) has no idea I watch without him. This is by no means because we have a bad sex life, it is just for fun when I am home alone.
I am just curious....
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Re: Does your DH know?

  • We watch together occasionally, and every now and then I watch alone...but if I'm alone I prefer to read something erotic.  I don't think he knows about the watching, and I think he truly believes that my interest in solo-porn goes about as far as a trashy romance novel.  Poor thing.

  • We watch it together, sometimes he watches alone, sometimes I watch it alone. He doesn't care if I know he watches alone, but for some reason I don't tell him I'm watching it and I can only watch it if he's not there. It's weird, right? It feels like you're doing something wrong...maybe that's why I do it, to feel naughty :)

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  • We watch it together, sometimes he watches it alone, and sometimes I watch it alone.  It doesn't happen very often that we watch it alone though.  I tell him if I'm watching it, and he tells me if he's watching it.  There's really not much I can think of that we keep from eachother.
  • That might be it...the naughty feeling.

    Jane & Chris 5-29-05 DS #1 joined the party 5-6-2010 and DS #2 due 10-4-2011
  • I've only done it with DH in the last several years. It was on our honeymoon too. He does know I occasionally read erotica when he's not around.
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  • We have never watched porn together, even though we have talked about it. The funny thing is we both watch it by ourselves (he didn't know I did until just recently). I think we will someday, it just hasn't happened yet! I would rather watch it with him to get us in the mood!

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  • We it together,but I don't watch it alone.  I'm not the biggest porn fan and he is trying to get me into it.

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  • FH and I will watch it together sometimes.  We've watched it alone a few times, and we were both aware that the other had watched it.
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