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BR: Dr Update- not exciting :0P

It appears as though there is still no progress :0( She almost called it fingertip, but than decided no, not even that. They set me up Sunday night to do the gel (like they do prior to induction). I have the monitoring today and she said I could ask about getting the gel today too so maybe we can get something started. She said they may or may not have time, it depends on how busy they are.

The good news is, I asked if I could wait another week until I was induced (1/11 or 1/12) since I think my due date is too early and just to give my body time to start something and she said that was fine assuming the baby is still doing ok.

I was having some pretty consistent (although completely painless) contractions last night and lots of pressure even into this morning so here's hoping my body will take over with a little gentle nudging.

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Re: BR: Dr Update- not exciting :0P

  • You just let that LO hang out in there as long as he/she wants. Most women would be like, "Get it out, now!" at this point. :)

    I'm curious for my 36 week appointment - that's when my Dr. starts checking progress - I really think this baby is coming early. All my ultra sounds have him measuring big and I have a ton of pressure on my vag already. We'll see.

    You team greeners are all going to go on the same day. Wouldn't that be a hoot!
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  • So are you going to still go in to be induced on Sunday or just wait until the 11th or 12th??  Glad to see you advocated for yourself and not being pushed into an induction you may not feel comfortable with!
  • agh hang in there!! keep us posted! that baby is nice and snug!!
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  • Sunday night I will get the gel as if I were going to be induced Monday, but that is just in hopes that it makes something happen on its own. I will not be induced unless something happens until the following week. I am very happy that my dr wants to try to get my body moving on its own first.
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  • good for you!  Our bodies know more than we give them credit for :)
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  • Oh my goodness you are patient...I think I'd be like "Just reach in and grab!"

    Haha.  Not really.

    Hang in there....I'm so excited for team Green!

  • Well at least the end is in sight!
  • Baby L&M is so comfy!  That's great that your doctor is ok with letting your body handle it..provided no complications with the little one! I hope you have some movement this weekend:)
  • You're doing soooooooo good and making such great decisions. I'm really glad the doctor agreed to let you wait to induce until 1/11 or 1/12---eventhough, I'm really hoping that little guy or gal come out on his/her own before then! Hopefully that full moon has some power! Keep up the positive attitude, I totally admire you right now. :-)

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  • Here's hoping the gel moves things along!
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