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Biting my tongue!

Ok so on a couple other boards there are some regulars.

One girl use to always post about losing her job and then hating the one she found.  Her DH also lost his job and at one point they were contemplating selling their house b/c they were struggling.

I think she got a better job, but not sure on her DH.

She's currently asking for opinions on new dining room furniture.  Really? 

Re: Biting my tongue!

  • lol i know exactly what/who you are talking about :P
    Jess and James 10.18.08
    Zoey Emma 08.18.10
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  • I seriously wanted to post a snotty response but that board is a lot of ponies and rainbows.

  • Oh dear I didn't know that backstory there, niiiiiice.
  • Sounds like a girl Igrew up with who always begs ppl on Facebook to send her money so she can pay the bills and than they go out and spend 3X a much.. I'm like really?
  • Reminds me of a cousin of my sister's SO that we see a lot at parties.

    Her husband seems like such a sweet guy, works his a$$ off (he apparently pulled them out of a lot of debt when the housing market took a dive by working min 12 hour days). He is the type of guy who will show up to a party after work and fall asleep holding his beer.

    His wife never got a job even once all kids were in school and does not $hut the fck up about shopping. Drives me nuts!!

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